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The Red Fly Swatter

Scott Fenton Author
Devanie Ferry Illustrator

Freddy from the Pond In

Fredrick Gonzales MS.Ed. Author

The Adventures of Marigold...

Khayyriyyah JM Abdalhakiim Author

Gentry & June

Tierney Boggs Author

Wholly Tales

Chigozie Nnenna Okeke Author

Corgi Day at Squirrely Beach

Laura Planck Author

Penny the Peculiar Penguin

Katie Hedrick Author
Dori Colborn Illustrator

A Home for Callie

B.A.S.Smith Author

A Tool's Travels

Nathan Glover Author
Grace Daigle Illustrator

The Adventures of Joe the Bear

John Reeves Author
Norah Reeves Author

Aggie and the Chicken Dance

Sharon L. Parker Author

Grandpa's Secret

Vivian Leedy Bevins Author

The Treasure Tunnel

Anna Charles Author

A Mother's Advice to Her Child

M. Layne Author
Rumar Yongco Illustrator

What Cloud Is My Mommy In?

Kim Vesey Author
Amy Gantt Illustrator

Little Bit in the Great Wide...

Sherry Vycital York Author

Sandy's Moving Day

Kandi Stetler Author

Rigby Makes a Difference

Ruth Zimmerman Author
Amy Pittman Illustrator

Shadows on the Bayou

Deborah A. Ledet Author
Keith F. Ledet Other

The Bumbler and His Singing...

Mikaela Grubb Author
Gareth Arrowsmith Illustrator

Izzy and the Three Kings

Jim Kirker Author
J. Patrick Kirker Author

Almost My First Pet

Issomi Golden Author

The Secret of the Pelemnian...

N. J. Schmitt Author

God's Worthy Army

Gavin R. Dean Author

Patty Lou Plays Baseball

Mr. Andrea B. Hairston Author

Uncle Dion Grows Up

Dion Phillips Crown Author