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Other Words for Home

Jasmine Warga Author

My Weirder-est School #2

My Weirder-est School (Series)

Dan Gutman Author
Jim Paillot Illustrator

Gabby Garcia's Ultimate...

Gabby Garcia's Ultimate Play (Series)

Iva-Marie Palmer Author
Marta Kissi Illustrator

A Babysitter's Guide to...

Babysitter's Guide to Monsters (Series)

Joe Ballarini Author

Space Runners #4

Space Runners (Series)

Jeramey Kraatz Author

The Twelve

Cindy Lin Author

Shifting Shadows

Bravelands (Series)

Book 4

Erin Hunter Author

Monsterstreet #1

J. H. Reynolds Author

Storm Dog

Scout (Series)

Jennifer Li Shotz Author

The Angry Birds Movie 2

Angry Birds Movie 2 (Series)

Heather Nuhfer Author

Maggie & Abby and the...

Will Taylor Author

Out of Place

Jennifer Blecher Author
Merrilee Liddiard Illustrator

Cavall in Camelot #2

Cavall in Camelot (Series)

Audrey Mackaman Author

Case Closed #2

Case Closed (Series)

Lauren Magaziner Author

Monsterstreet #2

J. H. Reynolds Author

Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Steve Behling Author


Bobbie Pyron Author

Professor Renoir's Collection...

Randall Platt Author

13 and Counting

Friendship List (Series)

Book 3

Lisa Greenwald Author

Pirate Boy of Sydney Town

Jackie French Author

Marigold Star

Elise Primavera Author
Elise Primavera Illustrator

The Problim Children

Natalie Lloyd Author

Maximillian Fly

Angie Sage Author

The Echo Park Castaways

M. G. Hennessey Author