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Don't Make Me Cross!

Smriti Prasadam-Halls Author
Angie Rozelaar Illustrator

Goat's Coat

Tom Percival Author
Christine Pym Illustrator

Bear Out There

Jacob Grant Author

The Afterwards

A.F. Harrold Author
Emily Gravett Illustrator

Welcome to Morningtown

Blake Liliane Hellman Author
Steven Henry Illustrator

The Story Web

Megan Frazer Blakemore Author

Secret in the Stone

The Unicorn Quest (Series)

Book 2

Kamilla Benko Author

An Unlikely Spy

Terry Deary Author

More Than a Princess

More Than a Princess (Series)

E.D. Baker Author

Mince Spies

Mark Sperring Author
Sophie Corrigan Illustrator

Spy Toys: Out of Control

Spy Toys (Series)

Book 1

Mark Powers Author
Tim Wesson Illustrator

The Restless Girls

Jessie Burton Author
Angela Barrett Illustrator

Caterpillar Summer

Gillian McDunn Author

Snow Penguin

Tony Mitton Author
Alison Brown Illustrator

How to Properly Dispose of...

Paul Noth Author

The Danger Gang and the Isle...

Stephen Bramucci Author
Arree Chung Illustrator

Rainbow Boots

High/Low (Series)

Chris Powling Author
Jim Field Illustrator

Along Came a Different

Tom McLaughlin Author
Tom McLaughlin Illustrator

I Went Trick-or-Treating

Paul Howard Author
Paul Howard Illustrator

The Multiplying Mysteries of...

Krista Van Dolzer Author

The Lucky Horseshoe

Princess Ponies (Series)

Book 9

Chloe Ryder Author

Pirate Pug

The Adventures of Pug (Series)

Laura James Author
Églantine Ceulemans Illustrator

The Next Level

Ellie, Engineer (Series)

Book 2

Jackson Pearce Author

The Storm Keeper's Island

The Storm Keeper's Island (Series)

Catherine Doyle Author

Breaking the Rules

High/Low (Series)

Maxine Linnell Author

The Queen's Secret

Rose Legacy (Series)

Book 2

Jessica Day George Author

The Girl with the Dragon Heart

Stephanie Burgis Author

Extraordinary Birds

Sandy Stark-McGinnis Author