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First Man

James R. Hansen Author
Jeremy Bobb Narrator


Serhii Plokhy Author
Leighton Pugh Narrator

From Cold War to Hot Peace

Michael McFaul Author
L.J. Ganser Narrator

The Fighters

C. J. Chivers Author
Scott Brick Narrator

The Big Fella

Jane Leavy Author
Jane Leavy Narrator

The Poisoned City

Anna Clark Author
Xe Sands Narrator

We Are Displaced

Malala Yousafzai Author
Neela Vaswani Narrator


Bob Spitz Author
Paul Michael Narrator

The Future is Asian

Parag Khanna Author
Nezar Alderazi Narrator


Jeremy Brown Author
Holter Graham Narrator

The Ravenmaster

Christopher Skaife Author
Christopher Skaife Narrator

Dreadful Places

World of Lore (Series)

Book 3

Aaron Mahnke Author
Aaron Mahnke Narrator

How Fascism Works

Jason Stanley Author
MacLeod Andrews Narrator

American Dialogue

Joseph J. Ellis Author
Arthur Morey Narrator

The Cut Out Girl

Bart van Es Author
Bart van Es Narrator


Ben Goldfarb Author
Will Damron Narrator

City of Devils

Paul French Author
Paul Chan Narrator

Betty Ford

Lisa McCubbin Author
Amanda Carlin Narrator

Capitalism in America

Alan Greenspan Author
Adrian Wooldridge Author

The Field of Blood

Joanne B. Freeman Author
Joanne B. Freeman Narrator

Mary Queen of Scots

John Guy Author
Lucy Rayner Narrator


Stephen Fried Author
John H. Mayer Narrator

American Overdose

Chris McGreal Author
Dan Woren Narrator


Jon Meacham Author
Timothy Naftali Author

No Beast So Fierce

Dane Huckelbridge Author
Corey Snow Narrator

The Skeptics' Guide to the...

Cara Santa Maria Contributor
Steven Novella Author


Michael Palin Author
Michael Palin Narrator

Dawn of the Code War

John P. Carlin Author
Garrett M. Graff Contributor

Beautiful Country Burn Again

Ben Fountain Author
Ron Butler Narrator

When Death Becomes Life

Joshua D. Mezrich Author
Josh Bloomberg Narrator

Scarface and the Untouchable

Max Allan Collins Author
A. Brad Schwartz Author


Sandeep Jauhar Author
Patrick Lawlor Narrator

The Race to Save the Romanovs

Helen Rappaport Author
Damian Lynch Narrator

Mortal Republic

Edward J. Watts Author
Matt Kugler Narrator

Queen Victoria

Lucy Worsley Author
Lucy Paterson Narrator

Thomas Cromwell

Diarmaid MacCulloch Author
David Rintoul Narrator

The Secret Token

Andrew Lawler Author
David H. Lawrence XVII Narrator

The Last Palace

Norman Eisen Author
Jeff Goldblum Narrator

First in Line

Kate Andersen Brower Author
Fred Sanders Narrator

Wicked Mortals

World of Lore (Series)

Book 2

Aaron Mahnke Author
Aaron Mahnke Narrator

Eliza Hamilton

Tilar J. Mazzeo Author
January LaVoy Narrator

Hunting Charles Manson

Lis Wiehl Author
Michelle Lasley Narrator

An Unexplained Death

Mikita Brottman Author
Mikita Brottman Narrator

Messing with the Enemy

Clint Watts Author
Joe Knezevich Narrator


Chris Hedges Author
Fred Sanders Narrator

The Mystery of the Exploding...

Thomas Morris Author
Thomas Morris Narrator

Chesapeake Requiem

Earl Swift Author
Tom Parks Narrator

Behind the Throne

Adrian Tinniswood Author
Steven Crossley Narrator