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Rachel Maddow Author
Rachel Maddow Narrator

The Only Plane in the Sky

Garrett M. Graff Author
A Full 45-Person Cast Narrator

The Way I Heard It

Mike Rowe Author
Mike Rowe Narrator

Before and After

Judy Christie Author
Lisa Wingate Author


Mo Rocca Author
Mo Rocca Narrator

The End is Always Near

Dan Carlin Author
Dan Carlin Narrator

Renia's Diary

Renia Spiegel Author
Elizabeth Bellak Contributor

The Great Pretender

Christie Moreau Narrator
Susannah Cahalan Author

Sam Houston and the Alamo...

Brian Kilmeade Author
Brian Kilmeade Narrator

Three Days at the Brink

Three Days (Series)

Bret Baier Author
Catherine Whitney Author

The Economists' Hour

Binyamin Appelbaum Author
Dan Bittner Narrator

A Pilgrimage to Eternity

Timothy Egan Author
Timothy Egan Narrator

The Fall of Richard Nixon

Tom Brokaw Author
Tom Brokaw Narrator

She Came to Slay

Erica Armstrong Dunbar Author
Robin Miles Narrator

One Day

Gene Weingarten Author
Johnathan McClain Narrator


Ken Follett Author
Ken Follett Narrator

A Guest of the Reich

Peter Finn Author
Rebecca Lowman Narrator

Alexander the Great

Anthony Everitt Author
John Lee Narrator

The Miracle & Tragedy of the...

Sarah Miller Author
Robin Miles Narrator

No Stopping Us Now

Gail Collins Author
Tanya Eby Narrator

Piety & Power

Tom LoBianco Author
Kaleo Griffith Narrator

The Optimist's Telescope

Bina Venkataraman Author
Bina Venkataraman Narrator

The Years That Matter Most

Paul Tough Author
Paul Tough Narrator

Country Music

Dayton Duncan Author
Ken Burns Author


Dan Jones Author
Dan Jones Narrator

Poisoner in Chief

Stephen Kinzer Author
James Linkin Narrator

Summary of Bobby Kennedy: A...

Readtrepreneur Publishing Author
Stephen Holmes Narrator

Civil War

Peter Carmichael Author

Post Wall, Post Square

Kristina Spohr Author
Julia Winwood Narrator

NASA's Pioneer and Voyager...

Charles River Editors Author
Bill Hare Narrator

America's Religious History

Thomas S. Kidd Author
Tom Parks Narrator

The Battle of Hamburger Hill

Charles River Editors Author
Gregory T. Luzitano Narrator


Charles River Editors Author
David Bernard Narrator

William Powell

Charles River Editors Author
Bill Hare Narrator

Living the Sharing Economy

Mike Scantlebury Author
Jane Wood Author

Southern Boy

Armiger Jay Jagoe Author
Armiger Jagoe Narrator

Go All the Way

Paul Myers Author
S.W. Lauden Author

Collins – Our Amazing Planet

Collins (Series)

Various Author
Jenny Bryce Narrator

No Surrender Young Readers'...

Chris Edmonds Author
James Lurie Narrator

The Trials of Thomas Morton

Peter C. Mancall Author
Bob Souer Narrator


The World of Dinosaurs (Series)

Rebecca Sabelko Author
Dana Fleming Narrator

Left for Dead at Nijmegen

Marcus A. Nannini Author
Shawn Compton Narrator

To Build a Better World

Philip Zelikow Author
Condoleezza Rice Author

Dreams of Africa in Alabama

Sylviane A. Diouf Author
Allyson Johnson Narrator

Scourge of Henry VIII

Melanie Clegg Author
Anne Flosnik Narrator

Twilight of the Gods

Bruce Mann Narrator
Thorolf Hillblad Editor


The Generals (Series)

Agostino von Hassell Author
Ed Breslin Author


The Generals (Series)

John Perry Author
William Dufris Narrator