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I, Mary MacLane

Mary MacLane Author
Lynne Thompson Narrator

From the Palmer Raids to the...

Christopher M. Finan Author
Christopher M. Finan Narrator


Maria Popova Author
Natascha McElhone Narrator

Out of the Clouds

Linda Carroll Author
David Rosner Author

The Death of Hitler

Jean-Christophe Brisard Author
Lana Parshina Author

Victory City

John Strausbaugh Author
Robert Petkoff Narrator

The Man Who Walked Backward

Ben Montgomery Author
MacLeod Andrews Narrator

The Front Runner

Matt Bai Author
Rob Shapiro Narrator

Punt PI, Series 6-10

Steve Punt Author
Steve Punt Narrator

Into the Hands of the Soldiers

David D. Kirkpatrick Author
David D. Kirkpatrick Narrator

Good Trouble

Christopher Noxon Author
Christopher Noxon Narrator

The Ancient Egyptian Culture...

Moustafa Gadalla Author
Susie Hennessy Narrator

I Dissent

Mark Tushnet Author
Mark Tushnet Narrator

Spitfire Stories

Jacky Hyams Author
Julia Barrie Narrator

The Future of Terrorism

Walter Laqueur Author
Christopher Wall Author

Embers of War

Fredrik Logevall Author
Fred Sanders Narrator

Scotland Yard Casebook

Joan Lock Author
Richard Fox Author

From Slave Ship to Freedom Road

Julius Lester Author
Cary Hite Narrator

Iran Rising

Amin Saikal Author
Simon Shepherd Narrator

Last Woman Hanged

Caroline Overington Author
Jennifer Vuletic Narrator


Robert Moore Author
Pete Cross Narrator

A Boy Without Hope

Casey Watson Author
Kate Lock Narrator

Abraham Lincoln's First...

Abraham Lincoln Author
Phillip Withers Narrator

The Edge of the World

Michael Pye Author
Steven Crossley Narrator


Sandeep Jauhar Author
Patrick Lawlor Narrator

Message Regarding Newly...

Zachary Taylor Author
Jared Frederickson Narrator

The Real Lolita

Sarah Weinman Author
Cassandra Campbell Narrator

Football for a Buck

Jeff Pearlman Author
Joel Richards Narrator

A People's History of...

Joy Lisi Rankin Author
Bernadette Dunne Narrator

The Wealth of a Nation

C. Donald Johnson Author
David Stifel Narrator

Race to Hawaii

Jason Ryan Author
Keith Sellon-Wright Narrator

The Messiah Letter

Wovoka's Message Author
Larry G. Jones Narrator

The Collector of Lives

Ingrid Rowland Author
Noah Charney Author

The Skripal Files

Mark Urban Author
Mark Urban Narrator

The Wind in My Hair

Masih Alinejad Author
Linda Henning Narrator

On the Surgery

Hippocrates Author
Francis Adams Author

House of Rain

Craig Childs Author

Is It Ignorance?

Emmeline Wells Author
Caelen Phillips Narrator

Temperance Address

Abraham Lincoln Author
Phillip Withers Narrator

So Others May Live

Martha J. LaGuardia-Kotite Author
Tom Ridge Author

The Republic

Plato Author
Samet Burke Narrator

The Meditations

Marcus Aurelius Author
Ludo Weaver Narrator

120 Years of Film Heritage

Who Do You Think You Are? (Series)

Book 19

Amanda Randall Author
Olivia Mace Narrator

My Family Hero: The Governor...

Who Do You Think You Are? (Series)

Book 45

Gail Dixon Author
Olivia Mace Narrator

The Maid of Orleans Joan of Arc

History Revealed (Series)

Book 80

Staff Author
Kris Dyer Narrator

How Old is the Great British Pub

History Revealed (Series)

Book 14

Pete Brown Author
David Thorpe Narrator

Behind the Headlines: 1850...

Who Do You Think You Are? (Series)

Book 38

Jad Adams Author
Chetan Pathak Narrator

New Series Preview

Who Do You Think You Are? (Series)

Book 6

Claire Vaughn Author
Olivia Mace Narrator