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Minor Mythologies as Popular...

Richard Pine Author

Emblems and Impact Volume II

Ingrid Hoepel Editor
Simon McKeown Editor

Aboriginal People and...

Roy Hay Author

Connecting Contemporary...

Peace Studies: Edges and Innovations (Series)

Vidya Jain Editor
Matt Meyer Editor

Leonardo da Vinci and the...

Katy Blatt Author

Symbolic Identity and the...

Nils Holger Petersen Editor
Anu Mänd Editor

African Intellectuals and the...

Olayiwola Abegunrin Author
Sabella Ogbobode Abidde Author

Archaeological Perspectives...

Alessandra Salvin Author

The Poetics of the Homeric...

Olga Zekiou Author

Collecting Prints and Drawings

Collecting Histories (Series)

Andrea M. Gáldy Editor

Homelands and Diasporas

Dario Miccoli Editor
Marcella Simoni Editor

The Greatest Events in...

Donald Elder III Author
Michael F. Shaughnessy Author

Philosophy in Ancient Rome

Charles Vergeer Author

The Harnessing of Power

Maxwell Gordon Lay Author

Radio Relations

Tiziano Bonini Editor
Madalena Oliveira Editor

Communities on a Frontier in...

Robert H. Jackson Author


Chiara Chini Editor
Sheyla Moroni Editor

The Sunset of Tradition and...

Alexander Wolfheze Author

Charles Edward of Saxe-Coburg

Alan R. Rushton Author

Photography as Power

Marco Andreani Editor
Nicoletta Pazzaglia Editor

Perspectives on Chemical...

Isabel Malaquias Editor
Peter J. T. Morris Editor

The Jews of China

Caroline Rebouh Author

Voices of Identities

Daniel Ender Editor
Christoph Flamm Editor

Eco–Art History in East...

De-nin D. Lee Editor

Security Challenges and...

Ayodeji Olukoju Editor
Olutayo Adesina Editor

The Quest for a...

Vjeran Katunarić Author

Göbbels, Himmler and Göring

Andrew Sangster Author

John Greaves, Pyramidographia...

John Anthony Butler Editor

The Proceedings of the 22nd...

The Proceedings of the Annual History of Medicine Days Conferences at the University of Calgary's Cumming School of Medicine, Alberta, Canada (Series)

Aleksandra Loewenau Editor
William J. Pratt Editor

New Journeys in Iberian Studies

Mark Gant Author
Paco Ruzzante Author

Biologists in the Age of...

Eugeniusz Nowak Author

Rhapsody of Northern Art

Peter Hupfauf Author

Semiotics for Art History

Lian Duan Author

The Da Vinci Globe

Stefaan Missinne Author

One Century of Vain...

Raphael Israeli Author

Great Britain's Place in the...

B. A. Egerton Author

The Cult of Pābūjī

Umberto Mondini Author

A Biography of the State

Christopher Wilkes Author

Creating Historic...

Richard D. Wagner Editor
de Teel Patterson Tiller Editor

Dialogues on the Delta

Martín Camps Author

Historiography of World War...

Deniz Gürgen Atalay Author

Moving Images, Mobile Bodies

Horea Avram Editor

Border Folk Balladeers

Roberto Cantú Author

The Nigerian Cocoa Industry...

Olisa Muojama Author

Modern Rome

Lucia Bozzola Editor
Roberto Einaudi Editor

Learning from Empire

Poonam Bala Editor

The Language of Color in China

Jun Zhou Author
Gail Taylor Author

Ireland, Irish America, and Work

Donna L. Potts Editor
Amy L. May Editor