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Encyclopedia of US Labor and...

Eric Arnesen Editor

Poverty Law and Legal Activism

Adam Gearey Author


Edgar Prestage Author

Farmers and Agriculture in...

David B. Hollander Author

A Description of British...

Sir Robert Schomburg Author

The Political Life of Urban...

Reuben Rose-Redwood Editor
Derek Alderman Editor

Much Ado Over Coffee

Bhaswati Bhattacharya Author

The Voyage of George...

W.Kaye Lamb Editor


Holinshead Editor

Select Statutes, Documents...

Theodore Gregory Editor

Shipbuilding, Navigation and...

K.S. Mathew Author

The Descent of Ideas

DonaldR. Kelley Author

Black Intellectual Thought in...

Carl A. Grant Author
Keffrelyn D. Brown Author

Women in European Culture and...

Deborah Simonton Editor

The Ten Most Influential...

Simon Unwin Author

The Indian Frontier

Jos Gommans Author

Gifts of Clothing in Late...

Nikki Rollason Author

British Policy and the...

Yvonne Kapp Author
Margaret Mynatt Author

Churchill and the Archangel...

Michael Kettle *Probate* Author
Michael Kettle Author


Budge Author

60 Years Life/Adventure (2v Set)

John Dill Ross Author

A Global History of the...

Christopher M. White Author

Engaging Early Christian History

Ruben R. Dupertuis Author
Todd Penner Author

Mythology for Storytellers

Howard J Sherman Author

11 September 2001

Bulent Gokay Editor
R.B.J. Walker Editor

The Architecture of Use

Stephen Grabow Author
Kent Spreckelmeyer Author

The Mirror

Sabine Melchoir-Bonnet Author

Informal Reckonings

Andrew Woolford Author
R.S. Ratner Author

The Routledge Guide to...

Chris Cook Editor

England and Russia

J. Hamel Author

Making Histories

CCCS Editor

Women and Property

Amy Louise Erickson Author

The Memoirs of Pere Labat,...

Jean Baptiste Author

The First Teenagers

David Fowler Author

Strategy and Politics in the...

Michael Cohen Author


Eric Carlton Author

The Queer Sixties

Patricia Juliana Smith Editor

The Transformation of...

Lawrence Freedman Author

Emigration from the United...

Stanley Currie Johnson Author

An African Victorian Feminist

Adelaide M Cromwell Author

What Painting Is

James Elkins Author

Routledge Handbook of...

Victoria Bestor Editor
Theodore C. Bestor Editor

Rough Medicine

Joan Druett Author

Confucian China and its...

Joseph R. Levenson Author

Upon these Shores

William R. Scott Editor
William G. Shade Editor

Human Rights in Ancient Rome

Richard Bauman Author

The Negroland of the Arabs...

William Desborough Cooley Author

Locarno Revisited

Gaynor Johnson Editor