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Michelle Obama Author
Michelle Obama Narrator


Serhii Plokhy Author
Leighton Pugh Narrator


Sean McFate Author
Joe Knezevich Narrator

Places and Names

Elliot Ackerman Author
Elliot Ackerman Narrator

Humble Pi

Matt Parker Author
Matt Parker Narrator

The Human Planet

Pelican (Series)

Simon L. Lewis Author
Mark A. Maslin Author

Last Witnesses

Svetlana Alexievich Author
Julia Emelin Narrator

Einstein's War

Matthew Stanley Author
Matthew Stanley Narrator

The Russia Anxiety

Mark B. Smith Author
Sam Woolf Narrator

The Boy Who Followed His...

Jeremy Dronfield Author
John Sackville Narrator

Japan Story

Christopher Harding Author
Christopher Harding Narrator


Sarah Knott Author
Rachel Bavidge Narrator

A Short History of Europe

Simon Jenkins Author
Simon Jenkins Narrator

The Uninhabitable Earth

David Wallace-Wells Author
David Wallace-Wells Narrator

Adam Smith

Jesse Norman Author
Jesse Norman Narrator

Murder by the Book

Claire Harman Author
Andy Secombe Narrator

The Pianist of Yarmouk

Aeham Ahmad Author
Nezar Alderazi Narrator

Don't Touch My Hair

Emma Dabiri Author
Emma Dabiri Narrator

A Political History of the World

Pelican (Series)

Jonathan Holslag Author
Roy McMillan Narrator

My Seditious Heart

Arundhati Roy Author
Tania Rodrigues Narrator