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An Elegant Defense

Matt Richtel Author
Fred Sanders Narrator

American Moonshot

Douglas Brinkley Author
Stephen Graybill Narrator

The Man Who Sold America

Joy-Ann Reid Author
Joy-Ann Reid Narrator

Every Man a Hero

Ray Lambert Author
Jim DeFelice Author

Fall and Rise

Mitchell Zuckoff Author
Mitchell Zuckoff Narrator

The Future of Capitalism

Paul Collier Author
Peter Noble Narrator

The Volunteer

Jack Fairweather Author
David Rintoul Narrator

Sea People

Christina Thompson Author
Susan Lyons Narrator


Dave Cullen Author
Dave Cullen Narrator

Sacred Duty

Tom Cotton Author
Tom Cotton Narrator


Jason Rezaian Author
Jason Rezaian Narrator

The Shadow War

Jim Sciutto Author
Jim Sciutto Narrator

Aloha Rodeo

David Wolman Author
Julian Smith Author

No Beast So Fierce

Dane Huckelbridge Author
Corey Snow Narrator

When Death Becomes Life

Joshua D. Mezrich Author
Josh Bloomberg Narrator

Down the Great Unknown

Edward Dolnick Author
Danny Campbell Narrator

Confirmation Bias

Carl Hulse Author
Fred Sanders Narrator

On Democracy

E. B. White Author
Arthur Morey Narrator

The Book of Pride

Mason Funk Author
Mason Funk Narrator

A Year in Paris

John Baxter Author
Graham Halstead Narrator

Hunting LeRoux

Elaine Shannon Author
Dennis Boutsikaris Narrator

The Rescue Artist

Edward Dolnick Author
Sean Crisden Narrator

A Sidecar Named Desire

Greg Clarke Author
Monte Beauchamp Author

Year of Wonder

Clemency Burton-Hill Author
Clemency Burton-Hill Narrator

American Spirit

Taya Kyle Author
Jim DeFelice Author

Sacred Liberty

Steven Waldman Author
David Colacci Narrator

Act Natural

Jennifer Traig Author
Emily Woo Zeller Narrator

The Pacific

Meaghan Wilson Anastasios Author
Alan King Narrator

American Entrepreneur

Willie Robertson Author
William Doyle Author

The Age of Disenchantments

Aaron Shulman Author
Tim Andres Pabon Narrator

The Indifferent Stars Above

Daniel James Brown Author
Michael Prichard Narrator

Devices and Desires

Kate Hubbard Author
Heather Wilds Narrator

The Polar Bear Expedition

James Carl Nelson Author
Johnny Heller Narrator

The New Rules of War

Sean McFate Author
Joe Knezevich Narrator


Andrew Smith Author
Matt Jamie Narrator