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The Dinosaur Artist

Paige Williams Author
Ellen Archer Narrator

We Are Displaced

Malala Yousafzai Author
Neela Vaswani Narrator

American Overdose

Chris McGreal Author
Dan Woren Narrator

The Skeptics' Guide to the...

Cara Santa Maria Contributor
Steven Novella Author

Dawn of the Code War

John P. Carlin Author
Garrett M. Graff Contributor

See You Again in Pyongyang

Travis Jeppesen Author
Will Collyer Narrator

Nourishing Diets

Sally Fallon Morell Author
Dara Rosenberg Narrator

Out of the Clouds

Linda Carroll Author
David Rosner Author


Timothy Snyder Author
Ralph Cosham Narrator

Victory City

John Strausbaugh Author
Robert Petkoff Narrator

The Death of Hitler

Jean-Christophe Brisard Author
Lana Parshina Author

The Man Who Walked Backward

Ben Montgomery Author
MacLeod Andrews Narrator

The Wind in My Hair

Masih Alinejad Author
Linda Henning Narrator

House of Rain

Craig Childs Author

Little Dreamers

Vashti Harrison Author
Bahni Turpin Narrator

What the Hell Do You Have to...

Juan Williams Author
Dale Turner Narrator

Ghost Riders

Mark Felton Author
Alex Hyde-White Narrator

The Culture of Fear

Barry Glassner Author
William Dufris Narrator

A Tiger among Us

Bennie G. Adkins Author
Katie Lamar Jackson Author


Robert K. Brigham Author
Jeff Bottoms Narrator

What Is Life Worth?

Kenneth R. Feinberg Author
James Lurie Narrator


Brian Murphy Author
Toula Vlahou Contributor

John Marshall

Richard Brookhiser Author
Robert Fass Narrator

Faces at the Bottom of the Well

Derrick Bell Author
Michelle Alexander Author of introduction, etc.

Best of Enemies

Gus Russo Author
Eric Dezenhall Author

Smoky the Brave

Damien Lewis Author
John Chancer Narrator

Every Man a King

Chris Stirewalt Author

How to Get Rid of a President

David Priess Author
Jason Culp Narrator

The Rise of Andrew Jackson

David S. Heidler Author
Jeanne T. Heidler Author

Kangaroo Squadron

Bruce Gamble Author
Mark Boyett Narrator

The Price of Greatness

Jay Cost Author
Dan Woren Narrator

City of Death

Scott McEwen Author
Ephraim Mattos Author

Dr. Benjamin Rush

Harlow Giles Unger Author
Robert Petkoff Narrator

Robert F. Kennedy

Kerry Kennedy Author
Thurston Clarke Author of introduction, etc.

Going to the Mountain

Ndaba Mandela Author
Michael Boatman Narrator


Adam Zamoyski Author
Leighton Pugh Narrator

Congo Stories

John Prendergast Author
Fidel Bafilemba Author

Camelot's End

Jon Ward Author
John Pruden Narrator

Code Girls

Liza Mundy Author
Christine Lakin Narrator