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Power to the People

Fred Hampton Author
Fred Hampton Narrator

The Willie Lynch Letter and...

willie Lynch Author
Ronald Eastwood Narrator

The Wisdom of the East

Battiscombe G. Gunn Author
John Klickman Narrator

The Art of War

Sun Tzu Author
Erick Abraham Narrator

Destruction of Black...

Chancellor Williams Author
Joseph Kent Narrator

The Jonestown Death Tape

Rev. Jim Jones Author
Rev. Jim Jones Narrator

1900, or the Last President

Ingersoll Lockwood Author
Joseph Kant Narrator

The Diary of Anne Frank

Frances Goodrich Author
Albert Hackett Author

100 Amazing Facts About the...

J. A. Rogers Author
John Riddle Narrator

A Child's History of the World

V. M. Hillyer Author
Jason Damron Narrator