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Music Macabre

Phineas Fox Mystery (Series)

Sarah Rayne Author

Script for Scandal

Lillian Frost and Edith Head mystery (Series)

Renee Patrick Author

Dark Queen Waiting

Margaret Beaufort Mystery (Series)

Paul Doherty Author

The Bells of Hell

Welker & Saboy thriller (Series)

Michael Kurland Author

The Wages of Sin

Matthew Rowsley mystery (Series)

Judith Cutler Author

The Black Hills

Grand & Batchelor Victorian Mystery (Series)

M.J. Trow Author

Lady of Perdition

Benjamin January (Series)

Book 17

Barbara Hambly Author

The Hocus Girl

Simon Westow mystery (Series)

Chris Nickson Author

Winter of Despair

Gaslight Mystery (Series)

Cora Harrison Author

City of Pearl

An Aelf Fen Mystery (Series)

Alys Clare Author