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Black Lagoon, Volume 11

Black Lagoon (Series)

Rei Hiroe Author
Rei Hiroe Copyright holder

Persona 5, Volume 1

Persona 5 (Series)

Hisato Murasaki Author
Hisato Murasaki Copyright holder

Case Closed, Volume 73

Case Closed (Series)

Gosho Aoyama Author
Gosho Aoyama Copyright holder

Sleepy Princess in the Demon...

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle (Series)

Kagiji Kumanomata Author
Kagiji Kumanomata Copyright holder

An Incurable Case of Love,...

An Incurable Case of Love (Series)

Maki Enjoji Author
Maki Enjoji Copyright holder

No Longer Human

No Longer Human (Series)

Junji Ito Author
Junji Ito Copyright holder

Urusei Yatsura, Volume 4

Urusei Yatsura (Series)

Rumiko Takahashi Author
Rumiko Takahashi Copyright holder

Queen's Quality, Volume 8

Queen's Quality (Series)

Kyousuke Motomi Author
Kyousuke Motomi Copyright holder

The Water Dragon's Bride,...

The Water Dragon's Bride (Series)

Rei Toma Author
Rei Toma Copyright holder