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Why Are All the Black Kids...

Beverly Daniel Tatum Author

The Coddling of the American...

Greg Lukianoff Author
Jonathan Haidt Author

The Total Money Makeover

Dave Ramsey Author

Lies My Teacher Told Me

James W. Loewen Author

Driven to Distraction

Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. Author
John J. Ratey, M.D. Author

There's No Such Thing as Bad...

Linda Åkeson McGurk Author

The Self-Driven Child

William Stixrud, PhD Author
Ned Johnson Author

The Brave Learner

Julie Bogart Author
Susan Wise Bauer Author of introduction, etc.


Jon Krakauer Author

Python for Kids

Jason Briggs Author

Montessori from the Start

Paula Polk Lillard Author
Lynn Lillard Jessen Author

The Call of the Wild and Free

Wild and Free (Series)

Ainsley Arment Author

We Want to Do More Than Survive

Bettina L. Love Author

The Freedom Writers Diary

The Freedom Writers Author
Erin Gruwell Author

For White Folks Who Teach in...

Race, Education, and Democracy (Series)

Christopher Emdin Author

The Opposite of Spoiled

Ron Lieber Author

Rethinking School

Susan Wise Bauer Author

The Meritocracy Trap

Daniel Markovits Author

In Conclusion, Don't Worry...

Lauren Graham Author

Language Testing Reconsidered

Actexpress (Series)

Janna Fox Editor
Mari Wesche Editor


Diane Tavenner Author

Tell Me Who You Are

Winona Guo Author
Priya Vulchi Author


Malcolm Gladwell Author


Monique Morris Author
Mankaprr Conteh Author of introduction, etc.

Nasreen's Secret School

Jeanette Winter Author
Jeanette Winter Illustrator

How Children Succeed

Paul Tough Author

The 5 Elements of Effective...

Edward B. Burger Author
Michael Starbird Author

Culturally Responsive...

Zaretta Hammond Author

The Well-Trained Mind

Susan Wise Bauer Author
Jessie Wise Author


Barbara Oakley, PhD Author

Teach Like a PIRATE

Dave Burgess Author

The Book Whisperer

Donalyn Miller Author
Jeff Anderson Author of introduction, etc.

How to Take Smart Notes

Sönke Ahrens Author

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Usborne First Reading: Level Three (Series)

Mairi Mackinnon Author
Mike and Carl Gordon Illustrator

Reading with Patrick

Michelle Kuo Author

Who Was Mister Rogers?

Who Was? (Series)

Diane Bailey Author
Who HQ Author

Day Trading For Dummies

Ann C. Logue Author

Lies My Teacher Told Me

James W. Loewen Author
Rebecca Stefoff Adapter

Assume the Worst

Carl Hiaasen Author
Roz Chast Illustrator

The Orchid and the Dandelion

W. Thomas Boyce MD Author

Oh Crap! I Have a Toddler

Oh Crap Parenting (Series)

Jamie Glowacki Author

Fluent in 3 Months

Benny Lewis Author

Why Meadow Died

Andrew Pollack Author
Max Eden Author

Being at Your Best When Your...

Kim John Payne Author

The Best Teacher in You

Robert E. Quinn Author
Katherine Heynoski Author

Go See the Principal

Gerry Brooks Author

The Diversity Delusion

Heather Mac Donald Author