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The John Hope Franklin in African American History and Culture (Series)

Heather Andrea Williams Author

When the Fences Come Down

Genevieve Siegel-Hawley Author

Color and Character

Pamela Grundy Author

Research to Revenue

The Luther H. Hodges Jr. and Luther H. Hodges Sr. on Business, Entrepreneurship, and Public Policy (Series)

Don Rose Author
Cam Patterson Author

Why You Can't Teach United...

Susan Sleeper-Smith Editor
Juliana Barr Editor

American Universities and the...

Thomas W. Simpson Author

Why Rural Schools Matter

Mara Casey Tieken Author

Long Gray Lines

Rod Andrew Jr. Author

Engines of Innovation

Holden Thorp Author
Buck Goldstein Author

The Quest for Citizenship

Kim Cary Warren Author

Their Highest Potential

Vanessa Siddle Walker Author

Racial Taxation

Justice, Power, and Politics (Series)

Camille Walsh Author

Interpreting Our Heritage

Freeman Tilden Author

Our Higher Calling

Holden Thorp Author
Buck Goldstein Author


Patricia A. Matthew Editor

Boston Against Busing

Ronald P. Formisano Author


Mario T. García Author
Sal Castro Author

Sea Change at Annapolis

H. Michael Gelfand Author

Learning to Win

Pamela Grundy Author

Reparation and Reconciliation

Christi M. Smith Author