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Romancing God

Lynn S. Neal Author

Strangers and Friends at the...

James Hudnut-Beumler Author

No Sympathy for the Devil

David W. Stowe Author

The Gospel of Freedom and Power

Sarah E. Ruble Author

Catholic and Feminist

Mary J. Henold Author

Into the Pulpit

Elizabeth H. Flowers Author

The Jiangyin Mission Station

The James Sprunt Studies in History and Political Science (Series)

Lawrence D. Kessler Author

Original Sin and Everyday...

Andrew S. Finstuen Author

Religion on Campus

Conrad Cherry Author
Betty A. DeBerg Author

Reforming Sodom

Heather R. White Author

The Furnace of Affliction

Jennifer Graber Author

Beyond Chrismukkah

Samira K. Mehta Author

Across God's Frontiers

Anne M. Butler Author

Christianity, Social Justice,...

Anne M. Blankenship Author