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I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Ramit Sethi Author


David Epstein Author

Invisible Women

Caroline Criado Perez Author

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Burton G. Malkiel Author

Broke Millennial Takes On...

Broke Millennial (Series)

Erin Lowry Author

Quit Like a Millionaire

Kristy Shen Author
Bryce Leung Author

What Color Is Your Parachute?...

Richard N. Bolles Author

The Age of Surveillance...

Shoshana Zuboff Author

Everyday Millionaires

Chris Hogan Author
Dave Ramsey Author of introduction, etc.


Scott Young Author
James Clear Author of introduction, etc.

Financial Freedom

Grant Sabatier Author
Vicki Robin Author of introduction, etc.


Abby Wambach Author

The Making of a Manager

Julie Zhuo Author

Playing with FIRE (Financial...

Scott Rieckens Author
Mr. Money Mustache Author of introduction, etc.

The Only Business Writing...

Laura Brown Author
Rich Karlgaard Author of introduction, etc.

The Dumb Things Smart People...

Jill Schlesinger Author

Trillion Dollar Coach

Eric Schmidt Author
Jonathan Rosenberg Author

Stop Doing That Sh*t

Unfu*k Yourself series

Gary John Bishop Author

The 30-Day Money Cleanse

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley Author

Surrounded by Idiots

Thomas Erikson Author


Safi Bahcall Author

Super Pumped

Mike Isaac Author

The Latte Factor

David Bach Author
John David Mann Author

100 Side Hustles

Chris Guillebeau Author

Work Optional

Tanja Hester Author

Millionaire Success Habits

Dean Graziosi Author

Super Thinking

Gabriel Weinberg Author
Lauren McCann Author

Brave, Not Perfect

Reshma Saujani Author


Christopher Leonard Author

From an Idea to Disney

From an Idea to (Series)

Lowey Bundy Sichol Author
C.S. Jennings Illustrator


Clive Thompson Author

Scam Me If You Can

Frank Abagnale Author

Bitcoin Billionaires

Ben Mezrich Author

The Economists' Hour

Binyamin Appelbaum Author

The Plaza

Julie Satow Author

Bad with Money

Gaby Dunn Author

Fentanyl, Inc.

Ben Westhoff Author

Clever Girl Finance

Bola Sokunbi Author

An Economist Walks into a...

Allison Schrager Author

The Code

Margaret O'Mara Author

Day Trading For Dummies

Ann C. Logue Author

A Handbook for New Stoics

Massimo Pigliucci Author
Gregory Lopez Author

The Vagabonds

Jeff Guinn Author


Dana Thomas Author

Free to Focus

Michael Hyatt Author

Millennial Money Makeover

Conor Richardson Author


Jerry Colonna Author

The Illusion of Money

Kyle Cease Author