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Caring For Mary

Nicholas Andrefsky Author

One Minute After Sunrise

John Hmurovic Author

Root Jumper

Justine Felix Rutherford Author

I've Got Some Lovin' to Do

Julia Park Tracey Editor

The House on Tremont Street

Avis Drucker Author

I Had a Ball

Michael Z. Stern Author

Beer in the Bilges

Alan Boreham Author
Peter Jinks Author

Always Eat the Hard Crust of...

David Mazzarella Author

Wisconsin 1 Step at a Time

Bradley Carlson Author

Guarding Alaska

Captain Jeffrey Hartman Author

American Empress

Nancy Rubin Author

A Bridge with Three Spans

Zia Uddin Ahmed Author

The Door

Vern Thibedeau Author

When Did I Start Looking Like...

Joseph Belcastro Author

Famous Gamblers, Poker...

Johnny Hughes Author

In the Wake of the Frontier

Ruth E. Vincent Author

Hitchhiking Across the Atlantic

Lulu Waldron Author

Breaking The Chain

Shirley Anne Mcmurray Author
Melinda Leigh Alkire Author

Bus Stop

Ruby Fay Burford Author

Just How Far from the Apple...

John S. Peale Author

Working My Way Through...

Lola Albion Author

Journey to One

Kristi Bowman Author


Asim Abraham Author

Behind The Marble And Mirrors

Carol L. Farrand Author

Cold Ground'S Been My Bed

Daniel Wolfe Author

A Hellish Place of Angels

Daryl J. Eigen Author

From the Bottom

Myrna Boles Author
Tim Basham Author


Lester Nuby Jr. Author

Powerful Political Women

Joan Mcmahon Flatt Author

Memories Of A Small-town Cop

G. Douglas Ward Author

The American Hiroshima:

Dr.Hugh Cort Author

Journeys Of Entrepreneurs

Lee Rice Author

Zen and the Art of Multiple...

Jeff Pinney Author

JFK, Jr., and Me

Robert Chartuk Author

Charles Bedaux - Deciphering...

Sol Bloomenkranz Author

Thread of Life

Mike Doiron Author


Awak Malith Author

Lucy a to Z

Michael Karol Author

In Mom's House

Elain L Edge Author

The Making of a Marine-Scholar

Dr. George A. Baker III Author

Strangers in the Night

Nelly Maseda Author

Don'T Die Before You Taste...

David Juniman Author

Just One Simair Story

Rich Schaffer Author

The Journey Back to Me

Lolo Author

Susan's Bedtime Stories

Susan Picosa Author

Smile with Knowledge

Monalisa Author

You Should Be so Lucky

Philip J. Reilly Jr. Author

The Turning Point

Rev. Sherry Kay Lietz-Zika Author