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Living the Victorious Life

Mozart Dor Author

No Pink Concept

Peter B. Griggs Author

Marlee Looking for Jesus

Patricia Powell Author

My Way

Sharline Bliven Author


Mark Ruben Abacajan Illustrator
S. S. Miller Author

A Ride to School with Daddy

Tonya Simmons Author

Once Upon a Clearing

Bernice Berger Miller Author


Diane Zimmerman Author

Parenting with a Purpose

Ricardo Miller Sr. Author

Romantic India

Mary Ranieri Author

Expatriate Games

Judith Parzych Author

Abused Men Walking Out,...

Ravey D. Wesley Author

My Faith Journey

Granny Annie Author

The Meeting of Wisdom

Douglas Lovos Author

The Journey

Jerry Stinson Author

The Family Riklis

Abe Louis Riklis Author

The Uncommon Housewife

Uboho Bassey Author

The Successful Relationship...

Edmund J. Metz Author

When Will My Heart Stop Hurting?

David Heller Ph.D. Author

The Bride from Bombay

Bhanmatee Sita Gobin Author

Treasurable Moments with Daddy

Virginia Krebs Author

Frame of Mind in the Mao Era...

Linda Liu Author

Front Pew Abuse

Mary Mactoria Carlton Author

La Abuelita Amorosa De Olga

Gil Balbuena Jr. Illustrator
Olga Quezada Author

Parenting Errors

Dr Kerby T. Alvy Author

The Power of Anger

Lidwine Meffo Author

Generating Learning...

Dr. Barbara Newman Author of introduction, etc.
Gloria Ann Redding Author

Still Standing

Zay Maxwell Author

Our Ancestors Through the Ages

Evelyn Haywood Friend Author

Does the Relationship Matter?

Dynasty Hill Author

Juan Temeroso Y Su Primer Día...

Dr. Mac Author
Dra. Anaida Author

Breanna & Amber

Sabrina Depina Graham Author

A Woman Who Fears the Lord...

Kathy Doyle Author

"I Don't Know, but I've Been...

Ben Benfield Author

Our Caregiving Experience...

Janet Reasar Author

Wilhelmina's Alabaster Box

Helaine Daniels Author

Who Will Care for You in Your...

John Hemphill Author

Agnes Doncha Cry, Hold Ya...

Sharon Elisha Smith Author

Men and Women Changing Role...

Bertha Pulliam-Carlson Author

Repair the Broken Pieces

Deborah M. Vereen Author

A Hero'S Journey

Mose M. Kinsey Author


Margaret L. Priddy Author

How to Find a Good, Christian...

Harold D. Edmunds Author


Raul Casanova Author

Imperfect Family

Leyland A. King Author

The Sick and His Passenger

Ryan Donnelly Author

Cuidado: Matrimonio en Zona...

Dr. Leo E. Guerrero, PhD Author