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Born to Lead

Pam Jackson Author

Count It All Joy

Missionary Paula Author

Toxic Tales of Sin

Pat Booth-Lynch Author

Dirty Turtles

D. C. LaRock Author

Fleetie's Crossing

K. Bruce Florence Author

360 Pounds of Tears

Ben Colarossi Author

Photographing Zion and Bryce...

Tim Truby Author

Who Is This Man?

Bishop Rupert George Lothian Author

I Was the Wife, and Now I'm...

Bernice Walker Author

Patterned After Me

Adua Celentano Author
Lolita Johnson Author

My Life with Death

Gary D. Cumberland M.D. Author

Piano Lessons Just for You

Evelyn Helgelend Illustrator
Jane McDonough Author

Fatal Alliance

Elizabeth Farris Author

Pawns of the Game

Joe Black Author

World of Dawn

Shawn Gale Author

Playing Beginning Bridge

Ken Casey Author

A Twilight of the Underworld

Jean Chery Author

Medical, Genetic & Behavioral...

Ross D. Clark Author

Gestation Seven

J. Stewart Willis Author

Brooklyn Street Fighter

Richie Q Author

Rocket Man

Earl Perkins Author

Maui Murders

Kathy Callahan Author


LostLenny Author

The Weather Girl'S Assassin

Sam Cromartie Author

Ursula Unwinds Her Anger

Kristina Marcelli Sargent Author

Clare and the Chocolate...

Beverly Ann Page Author
Raquel Rodriguez Illustrator

Charlie and the Bully

Penny Granecki Author

Victims of Circumstance

Kenneth Johnson Author

The Presidents' Escort

Joseph B. Corbin Author
Susan Funk Author

Successful Recovery and...

Bill McCausland Ph.D. Author

The Dark Entity

Mary Burton King Author

How to Become a Champion in Life

Francile Curry McCottry Author

The Ultimate Sex Manual for Men

Everett C. Borders Jr. PhD Author

Cold Bill

R.A. Mello Author

The Deviants

Eve Mountain-Greenslate Author


Aaron James Holland Author

The Stages of Grace

Connie Ruben Author
Kate O'Neill Author

The Kings' Assassin

Ed Cannon Author

The Kitten'S Cooler

Judy Richter Author

Handbook of Cross Examination

John Nicholas Iannuzzi Author

Fallen Tree

Alexandra Kisselgoff Author

The Turtle and the Caduceus

Professor David Brewster AM Author

Geist Esser

Jim von Tesmar Author

Girl Interrupted

Mary Ann Watson Author

The Calvinist Delusion

Ron Craig Author

A Garden of My Life

Cheryl Ainsworth Martin Author

The Bully'S Nightmare

Angela Forshee Author

The Awesome Amazing...

Dr. Tonya Swanson Author