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Frances Calderón De La Barca

Howard T. Fisher Author
Alan H. Fisher Editor

Tournament Bridge for...

Ken Casey Author

The Nexus

Oleander Main Author

Aiye Am Queen Tiy . . .

T.R McKiever - Young Author

Christian Fundamentals

Francisco Corton Author

Campy'S Escapades in England

Jack McClellan Author

The Eye

W. A. J. van Heuven MD Author

A Boo Bear Book

Martha Mann Author


N. K. Beckley Author

The Friend in Me

Craft Seven Author

Stem Cells Using the Bodies...

John Satino Author

Stay Connected to the True Vine

Royal Ross Author

As an American Rights and...

William N. Spencer Author

A Mistake in Trust

Mary Goshay Author


Murtaza Tarin Author

God's Gift

Stephanie Plain Potter Author

The Big Old Brown Brick House

Artie Woodington Author

The Love of Rosemarie

Timothy Sullivan Author
Joy Shanthi Lewis Sydney Illustrator

The Variant Ones

Marryam Palwashay Mian Author

As If the Streets Crocheted...

Franklyn Miller Author

Brothers with Vengeance

Jay Filter Author

Hawai'i Plant World Essentials

Jaya C. Dupuis Author

Mind Between the Lines

WC Coleman Author

Poetic Summary

Benjamin Roberts Jr. Author

Dawn to Dusk

Yash Gaonkar Author

Building Character with...

Larisa Coffman Author

A Woman of Few Words

Patricia Sikorski Berardelli Author

An Older Eye

Martha Horton Author

Beauty Scandal

Teshayana Mcmillan Author

A Poemers Poemerings

Marjory Bennett Author

In the Gossamer of Imagination

Sneha Biswas Author


Matthew McCain Author

Seasons and Senses

Darlene T. Ewers Author

Smooth Operator

James L. McCray Author

Prescott Red—On the Farm

Mary C. A. McNamara Author

The Beginning Will Not...


Visions of the Black Heaven Ii

Daniel Zien Author

The Monster Within Me

Juanita McClain Author

Country Living

Donald Ball Author

Santa's Surprise

Nicholas Maselli Author

Four Legged Heroes

Mary Virginia McCormick Pittman Author
Carol A. Howell Illustrator

The Point of It All

Lillie Smith Bailey Author

Honest Lies and Shaded Truth

Mary Bowers Author

The Power of Hello

Phebe Shumate-Yawson Author

Oh! Gee!

Thai Vinh Khiem Author

In the Dock

Pierre Marion Author

Travis Sight Word Books

Tiffany Trotter Author
Paula Davis Illustrator

The Stories of Bearry, Bummy,...

Helen Hoag Author
Bill Hoag Author