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A New Beginning

Dennis Miller Author


Twinkle Zaman Author

Angel Wing Begonias

Bucky Williams—Hooker PhD Author


Sharon Ghanny Author
R.H. Ali Author

Rescues to Arrests

Mark Cleavenger Author

The Thin Red Line

Gemma García-San Román Author

If God Is a Woman, Who Am I?

Danna Schweitzer Author

A Heart in the Dark

Mad Dog Author

A Poem for a Poem

Abigail Feleke Author

Sixty-six Songs

Wale Owoeye ESQ Author

Preaching Poetry

Ocell Donaldson II Author


Susan Jean Montaperto Author

Seasonal Woods

Jane Summers Author

Vera Squire Compilation of Books

Vera Squire Author

Why Not Eddie?

Barbara Titus Author
Debra Green Illustrator

Diaries Through the Eyes of a...

Patrice Flagg Author

Stories from My Nana Series

Lois Ray Rayner Author

360 Pounds of Tears

Ben Colarossi Author


Syed Ahmad Ali Author

Uncle Wills Hail Town

Wilbur Thornton Author

And the Mountains Kiss the Sea

Nancy Bender Author

Love Explosion

Princess Author


Lois Wright Smith Author

A Jagged Shard of Light

Autumn Booher Author

Words of Inspiration

Gail Green Author

Widge over Troubled Waters

Carl J. Keller Author

Travels with the Wild Man...

Timothy M Nugent Author

A Torch Bearer's Salute to...

Kermite Bristow Author

No Time to Cry

Ingrid Green Adams Author


Brook Logan Author


Enzo Malagisi Author


Murtaza Tarin Author

As If the Streets Crocheted...

Franklyn Miller Author

Mind Between the Lines

WC Coleman Author

Poetic Summary

Benjamin Roberts Jr. Author

Dawn to Dusk

Yash Gaonkar Author

A Woman of Few Words

Patricia Sikorski Berardelli Author

An Older Eye

Martha Horton Author

A Poemers Poemerings

Marjory Bennett Author

In the Gossamer of Imagination

Sneha Biswas Author

Seasons and Senses

Darlene T. Ewers Author

The Point of It All

Lillie Smith Bailey Author

Oh! Gee!

Thai Vinh Khiem Author

The Antique Shop

Valerie Miles Washington-Johnson Author


Rich Peterson Other

Who Lives in Your Backyard?

Judith Randolph Doohan Author

Love, Lies and Heartbreaks

Mello Tefo Mahlotle Author