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Are You Ready to Start School?

Cynthia Duell Author

Copper Jones

Lara Jones Author

A Lot Like Leslie

Alice Johnson Author
Joel Ray Pellerin Illustrator

One Day

Jane Hart Author

Alphabet Jambalaya

Mary Knox-Johnson Author
Marion Caroline Reil Illustrator

We Don't Look the Same

T. H. Childs Author

Toy on Top of a Christmas Tree

Beverly Hoffman Erickson Author

The Square Building

Justin Jerome Mitchell Author

Jason and Joellas China Trip

Genie Chow Author

Matthew's Class Trip to the Farm

Tyre Campbell Author

Curtis Daycare

Doreen Barnett Author
Ronie Pios Illustrator

Holy Spirit Mystifying...

Carol Pitts Author

Edgar the Lonely Electron

Benedict T Maresca Author

Baby Ody

Jeannie Brendler Author

Character Building Through...

Culbert Delisle Blenman Author

A Boo Bear Book

Martha Mann Author

God's Gift

Stephanie Plain Potter Author

Building Character with...

Larisa Coffman Author

Santa's Surprise

Nicholas Maselli Author

Four Legged Heroes

Mary Virginia McCormick Pittman Author
Carol A. Howell Illustrator

Travis Sight Word Books

Tiffany Trotter Author
Paula Davis Illustrator

The Stories of Bearry, Bummy,...

Helen Hoag Author
Bill Hoag Author

Papa Pies

Robbie Cycotte Author
Shannen Marie Paradero Illustrator

Peek-a-Boo Moon!

Lisa Madeleine Author
Aldina Mary Illustrator

Don't Be Sad, Sad Sally

Sally Dufner Author
Alexis Thompson Illustrator

Roy'S Adventure

Coys Thomas Sr. Author

The Book About Life

Kayla Fokuo Author
Windel Eborlas Illustrator

Our Solar System

Daniel E. Okagbare Author

Toddler Rhymes for Yours and...

Jason R. Gibboney Author

Starra Baba and the Magical...

Jessica An Author

Lost in the Woods

Lucky Mom Author

Girl Talk

Shàlonze-Lètian Author

A Kitty of a Different Colour

Shy Selden Author

Short Hair Is Awesome Too!

Dwight Nacattuna Illustrator
Nichole Murray Nunes Author

My Writing Spot

Mike Clark Author
John Minardi Illustrator

Nature Echo Series Book 1

Thelma Barlow Blaxall Author

Please Read to Me

Betty Chandorkar Author

The Tricky ''S''

Everett Adams Author
Reea Williams Illustrator

A Fox Helps Shayne

Debra Downey Author

A Game of Cat and Mouse

Angel De La Peña Illustrator
Michelle Watson Author

Oopsie Olivia Meet Olivia

Crystal Oakley Author
Anne Doyka Illustrator

The Magic Picnic Basket

Courtney Schultz Author

Razing Your Parents

Kenny Austin Author

Puppy Love

Angel Dela Pena Illustrator
Julian Lorenzana Author

The Reindeer Lady of Mongolia

Betty Ann Hutchens Author

God Made You

Betty Lou Alexander Author

Five More Minutes

Michelle J Sydney Author
Raquel Rodriquez Illustrator

My Friend Middie

Mrs. Regina Clanton Author