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Are You Ready to Start School?

Cynthia Duell Author

Pharmacy Technician Certified...

Anne Nguyen Author

Flip This House

Herman David Battles Author

A Lot Like Leslie

Alice Johnson Author
Joel Ray Pellerin Illustrator

One Day

Jane Hart Author

Alphabet Jambalaya

Mary Knox-Johnson Author
Marion Caroline Reil Illustrator

We Don't Look the Same

T. H. Childs Author

Matthew's Class Trip to the Farm

Tyre Campbell Author

Jason and Joellas China Trip

Genie Chow Author

Curtis Daycare

Doreen Barnett Author
Ronie Pios Illustrator

One First Christmas

Marilyn Swan-West Author

Baby Ody

Jeannie Brendler Author

What Happen in the Beginning?

Dr. Arie Louise Forshe, PhD Author

The Stories of Bearry, Bummy,...

Helen Hoag Author
Bill Hoag Author

God's Gift

Stephanie Plain Potter Author

A Fox Helps Shayne

Debra Downey Author

Fart Factory Presents

Ramir Quintana Illustrator
Dan Sylvestre Author

Razing Your Parents

Kenny Austin Author

Multinational Corporations...

Christian S. Yorgure PhD Author

Treasures of My Mind

Keith Simmonds Author

Numbers and Shapes


I Just Wanna Text-I-Fy!

Angeline Deloris Johnson-Austin Author

Jesus Is for You

Betty Lou Alexander Author

Papa Pies

Robbie Cycotte Author
Shannen Marie Paradero Illustrator

Girl Talk

Shàlonze-Lètian Author

God Made You

Betty Lou Alexander Author

Donde Esta Mi Amiga Noemi

Will F. Traylor Author

Journey's End

Victoria Brewster Author
Julie Saeger Nierenberg Author

Adolf Hitler

Jean Sénat Fleury Author

Mulberry and More

Patrick Watson Author

Don't Be Sad, Sad Sally

Sally Dufner Author
Alexis Thompson Illustrator

The Gift

Darlene Farrace-Prott Author

Oliver's Adventures

Brenda Harrison Author
Dennis Davide Illustrator

Hi, This Is Bobby

Debra Gilcrease Author
Mark Ruben Abacajan Illustrator

The Reindeer Lady of Mongolia

Betty Ann Hutchens Author

Please Read to Me

Betty Chandorkar Author

The Monster Within Me

Juanita McClain Author

Alexander, What Are You?

Celine Meyong Krishack Author

The Artificial Dictionary of...

Arthur Andrew Longley Author

Marlena's Journal

Marlena Fearing Author

The Book of Old Sayings with...

Muneer H. Waheed Author

An Old Lady'S Writing Tips

Reva Spiro Luxenberg Author

Don't Join the Army Yet!!

Timmy Lynch Author

Mai-Mai (Somali) Dictionary

Seqend Hussain Author

Santa's Surprise

Nicholas Maselli Author

Redempta'z Stinky Feet

Zoleka Author
Jada Wong Illustrator

Art with a Recipe

John Nieman Author