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Ursula Unwinds Her Anger

Kristina Marcelli Sargent Author

Charlie and the Bully

Penny Granecki Author

The Bully'S Nightmare

Angela Forshee Author

The Awesome Amazing...

Dr. Tonya Swanson Author

Angel the Siberian Husky

CH Renner Author

The Kourageous Koala

Alycia Lallas Author

Lil' Miss Skunk and the...

Joel Ray Pellerin Illustrator
J.L. Blevins Author

The Magic of Mister Taloo

Meatball Author

I Will Survive

Maya Engenheiro Author

I Loveee My Nappy Hair!

Elizabeth Festus Author
Tyshaun Tyson Illustrator

We Saved a Robin

Hadeel Ahemed Author

The Butterfly Garden

Jamie L. Turner Author
RuthAnne Allred Illustrator

Mom! What Is . . .? Volume 2

Carol Lee Author
Daniel Majan Illustrator

Landon, the Superhero of the...

Titus Andrew M. Bonifacio Author

Family One Family Two

Erica Gibbons Author
Kate Maruskin Illustrator

Aiden'S Dinosaur Adventures

Diane Griffin Author
Gabriel Parame Illustrator


Karen D. Gaskins Author