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A Bridge Named Susan

Sharon Chase Hoseley Author

What Are You Willing to Give...

Shohreh Rostami Aftahi Ph.D Author

Denied! Failing Cordelia

Simon Cambridge Author

Kids Alive

Allan G. Hedberg, PhD Author

Aiye Am Queen Tiy . . .

T.R McKiever - Young Author

Lizzy Gets Busy

Janet Anne Author

In Search of an Answer

Winston Prescott Author

With God'S Blessing

Irving R. Smith Sr. Author
Jane R.G Smith Author

The House That God Built

Zebedee King Author

The Art of Redirection

Kathy Wenzel Author

Polygamy Preppers Guide

Dee Hazim Author
Abigail Rhea Editor

Right in the Middle but Left Out

Philip Raymond Cook Author

Poetry of Life

Etta E. Alexander Author

Lost & Found

Irene Kaminsky Author
Rabbi Ben Shull Translator

Little Love Notes from Mother

Anita Billingham-Hall Author

Who Ii

Rebecca A. Alspaugh Author

Your Family Matters

Larry D. Lamb Author


Sky Green Author

The Heart of It All

Juliane Author

Wisdom Devotional for...

Clyde J Jones Author

The Unspoken Words

Julian V. Crosby Sr. Author

I Almost Loved You

Victoria F. Thomas Author

Coacoas . . . King Thames PH.DW

Terrance McKiever Author

Love Without Lies

David Oshman Author

Someone New a Book About You

Elizabeth Bettin Author


Mark A. White Author

A Beautiful Choice

Gabriela Pattison Author

You Came to Stay

Dawna Dooley Author
Monoar Hossain Shaikat Illustrator

Isaac's Call

Cynthia Kuespert Author

Practical Tips on Child...

Nathan E. Effik Author

Successful Relationships

Larry Williamson Author

Build a Wall of Financial...

Karl Thompson MBA Author

The Challenges Men & Women...

Mr. Paul Godfrey Author

How to Save a Troubled...

Gaines Bradford Jackson Author

Undefeated Michael Brunner

Mildred Trautman Bunn Author

Living the Victorious Life

Mozart Dor Author

No Pink Concept

Peter B. Griggs Author


Mark Ruben Abacajan Illustrator
S. S. Miller Author

Journey's End

Victoria Brewster Author
Julie Saeger Nierenberg Author

My Life, from Iran to America

Angelina Schoefer Author

Stuck in Neutral

Robert Garza Author

Cancer Fight

Michael Coccari Author

Emotions and Thoughts

George Mckinney Author

"Welcome to My World"

Ruth Lashley Author

The Parts Family

HG Author
JAS Author

Getting to Mr. Maybe...Maybe?

Megan Kelley Author


Eddie Brady Author

Mother Daughter Bond

Roshaunda Alexander Author