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My Life with Death

Gary D. Cumberland M.D. Author

Brooklyn Street Fighter

Richie Q Author

The Presidents' Escort

Joseph B. Corbin Author
Susan Funk Author

The Stages of Grace

Connie Ruben Author
Kate O'Neill Author

The Kitten'S Cooler

Judy Richter Author

Girl Interrupted

Mary Ann Watson Author

Living a Dream

Steve Ambrose Author

A Silent...

Diane Metivier-Hart Author


John Schissler Jr. Author

The Devil's Agent

Peter McFarren Author
Fadrique Iglesias Author

To Fly and Fight

Clarence E. "Bud" Anderson Author
Joseph P. Hamelin Author

Basketball Is in My Blood

Martin Groveman Author

South Philly Memories

Samuel Sbraccia Author

Better by Car by Far

Steve Jamnicky Author