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Critical Materials

World Scientific In Current Energy Issues (Series)

S Erik Offerman Author

Tall Order

Peh Shing Huei Author

Handbook of Pattern...

C H Chen Editor

One Hundred Years of General...

Wei-Tou Ni Editor

Recent Progress In...

Kuo Nan Liou Editor
Ming-dah Chou Editor

Inside Real Innovation

Eugene A Fitzgerald Author
Andreas Wankerl Author

Selected Topics In...

On Stability, Vibration and Control of Systems, A (Series)

Iliya I Blekhman Author

The Search For Terrestrial...

K L Leenders Author
M Taube Author


The Science and Culture--Materials Science (Series)

Francois d'Heurle Editor
Leo Miglio Editor

Semiclassical Analysis,...

On Partial Differential Equations and Applications (Series)

Bernard Helffer Author

Trends On the Role of Pet In...

Philip H Elsinga Editor
Aren Van Waarde Editor

Differential Equations As...

Gregory Richard Baker Author

Physics of Intense Charged...

Ronald C Davidson Author
Qin Hong Author

The Saga of the Nerve Growth...

World Scientific In 20th Century Biology (Series)

Rita Levi-Montalcini Editor

Structural Colors In the...

Shuichi Kinoshita Author

Bio-inspired Surfaces and...

Yuehao Luo Editor
Eddie Yin-Kwee Ng Editor

Synchronization In Coupled...

World Scientific On Nonlinear Science A (Series)

Chai Wah Wu Author

Topics In Contemporary...

Kouei Sekigawa Editor
Stancho Dimiev Editor

Symplectic Elasticity

Weian Yao Author
Wanxie Zhong Author

Superconductivity and...

Michael V Sadovskii Author

Terrestrial Neutron-induced...

Takashi Nakamura Author
Eishi Ibe Author

Transformational Science and...

Selected Topics In Electronics and Systems (Series)

A M Rajendran Editor
J A Parmentola Editor

The United States-singapore...

Li Lin Chang Editor
Tommy Koh Editor

Symbolic Computation and...

Dongming Wang Editor
Shangzhi Li Editor

Classical Electrodynamics

Tung Tsang Author

The Analysis of Harmonic Maps...

Fanghua Lin Author
Changyou Wang Author

Digital Signal Processing

Duraisamy Sundararajan Editor

Case Studies In Japanese...

Parissa Haghirian Editor
Philippe Gagnon Editor

Elementary Theory of Numbers

C Y Hsiung Author

Participation and Interaction

Jinjun Zhao Editor
Zhirui Chen Editor

Theoretical and Computational...

Alexandra Tolstoy Editor
Er-Chang Shang Editor


Raymond M Smullyan Author

Transformation Methods For...

Dominic G B Edelen Author
Jian-hua Wang Author

High Temperature...

Carlo Ferdeghini Editor
Antonio Siri Editor

Theoretical Acoustics of...

. Her Majestys Stationery Office Other
J H James Author

The Specific Heat of Matter...

Ahmet Tari Editor

Infinite Dimensional Harmonic...

Joachim Hilgert Editor
Akihito Hora Editor

Intelligent Modeling,...

In Automation (Series)

B-T Chu Editor
Su-Shing Chen Editor

Topology and Dynamics of Chaos

World Scientific On Nonlinear Science A (Series)

Christophe Letellier Editor
Robert Gilmore Editor

Singapore and Switzerland

Yvonne Guo Editor
Jun Jie Woo Editor

Uncertainty and Catastrophe...

Akira Ishikawa Editor
Atsushi Tsujimoto Editor

Advances In Coastal and Ocean...

Advances In Coastal and Ocean Engineering (Series)

W S Atkins Editor
John Desmond Fenton Editor

A Critical Review of Van

James Lighthill Editor

What Is Known and Unexpected...

The Subnuclear (Series)

Antonino Zichichi Editor
Silvia Arcelli Other

The Theory of the Denjoy...

In Real Analysis (Series)

V G Celidze Author
A G Dzvarseisvili Author

Advances In Multimedia &...

Advanced Database Research and Development (Series)

Yoshifumi Masunaga Editor
Stefano Spaccapietra Editor

A Geometric Theory of...

Jia-shun Luo Author
Da-ren Wu Author

The Road to Scientific Success

The Road to Scientific Success: Inspiring Life Stories of Prominent Researchers (Series)

Deborah D L Chung Editor