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Peh Shing Huei Author

Metals and Energy Finance

Dennis L Buchanan Author
Mark H A Davis Author

Complementary, Alternative...

Giovanni Vincent Belcaro Author

The Essence of International...

Noritsugu Nakanishi Author

Fixed Revenue Accounting

Japanese Management and International Studies (Series)

Kenichi Suzuki Editor
Bruce Gurd Editor

Fuzzy Logic Theory and...

Lotfi A Zadeh Author
Rafik Aziz Aliev Author


. Govindjee Author
Lars Olof Bjorn Author

Ivan Stranski--The...

Ivan Vesselinov Markov Author

Solving Problems In Our...

Problem Solving In Mathematics and Beyond (Series)

Alfred S Posamentier Author
Guenter Maresch Author


Osamu Shimomura Editor
Ilia V Yampolsky Editor

The Teng Guide to the Chinese...

Chenwei Wang Author
Samuel Wong Author

Introduction to Derivative...

Robert A Jarrow Author
Arkadev Chatterjea Author

An Elementary Approach to...

Primers In Electronics and Computer Science (Series)

Lekh Rej Vermani Author
Shalini Vermani Author

Consciousness and Robot...

On Machine Consciousness (Series)

Pentti O A Haikonen Author

Creating and Managing...

Managing Cultural Tourism: a Sustainability Approach (Series)

Daniela Angelina Jelincic Editor
Yoel Mansfeld Editor

2017 Annual Competitiveness...

Asia Competitiveness Institute--World Scientific (Series)

Khee Giap Tan Author
Puey Ei Leong Author

Quantum Leaps

Jeremy Bernstein Author

Dynamic Econometrics For...

Ragnar Nymoen Author

Corporate Social...

Sabri Boubaker Editor
Duc Khuong Nguyen Editor

Basic Research and Industrial...

On Innovation and Operations Management For Chinese Enterprises (Series)

Xielin Liu Author
Yubing He Author

Problems With a Point

William Gasarch Author
Clyde Kruskal Author

All of Physics (Almost) In 15...

Bruno Mansoulie Author

Global Challenges For Future...

World Scientific In Grand Public Policy Challenges of the 21st Century (Series)

Timothy Josling Other
David Blandford Editor

Cooling Energy Solutions For...

Mat Santamouris Editor

Physics On Ultracold Quantum...

Peking University-world Scientific Advanced Physics (Series)

Yi Wei Author
Yongjian Han Author

Acrylamide In Food

Nigel G Halford Author
Tanya Curtis Author

Delta N Formalism In...

Ali Akbar Abolhasani Author
Hassan Firouzjahi Author

Economics of Natural Disasters

Euston Quah Editor
Suman Kumari Sharma Editor

The Resurgence of Ideological...

Leizhen Zang Author

Principles of Space-time-matter

Paul S Wesson Author
James M Overduin Author

Seeking a Better Urban Future

Ips-nathan Lecture (Series)

Koon Hean Cheong Author

Collaborative Recommendations

Shlomo Berkovsky Author
Ivan Cantador Author

Investment Strategies For...

Frank Nicolas Author

The Belt and Road Initiative

On China's Belt and Road Initiative (Series)

Yue Yang Editor
Fujian Li Editor

Solar Power Finance Without...

Jenny Chase Author

Stochastic Pdes and Modelling...

Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences (Series)

Wei Wang Editor
Xiaopeng Chen Editor

Gender Inequality

Clement A Tisdell Author

Mesoscopic Physics Meets...

Sergey N Shevchenko Author

How to Build a Dragon Or Die...

Paul Knoepfler Author
Julie Knoepfler Author

A Concise Manual of...

Liviu F Radulescu Author

Probing the Meaning of...

Diederik Aerts Editor
Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara Editor

How Working Together Matters

David Chan Editor

Telecommunications Engineering

Amoakoh Gyasi-Agyei Author

Emotional Intelligence and...

Catherine Prentice Author

Multiple Parton Interactions...

Advanced On Directions In High Energy Physics (Series)

Paolo Bartalini Editor
Jonathan Richard Gaunt Editor

Sustainable Energy Transition...

S Narayan Editor
Christopher Len Editor

The Belt and Road Initiative...

On China's Belt and Road Initiative (Series)

Linggui Wang Editor
Jianglin Zhao Editor

Economics, Game Theory and...

World Scientific Lecture Notes In Economics and Policy (Series)

Henry Tulkens Author