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Critical Materials

World Scientific In Current Energy Issues (Series)

S Erik Offerman Author

Ultrafast Optics and...

Iisc Lecture Notes (Series)

Atanu Battacharyya Author

Financing Universal Access to...

World Scientific In Health Investment and Financing (Series)

Alexander S Preker Author

Advanced Concepts In Nuclear...

Modern Nuclear Energy Analysis Methods (Series)

Tunc Aldemir Editor


Osamu Shimomura Editor
Ilia V Yampolsky Editor

Corporate Social...

Sabri Boubaker Editor
Duc Khuong Nguyen Editor

Creating and Managing...

Managing Cultural Tourism: a Sustainability Approach (Series)

Daniela Angelina Jelincic Editor
Yoel Mansfeld Editor

How to Build a Dragon Or Die...

Paul Knoepfler Author
Julie Knoepfler Author

Solving Problems In Our...

Problem Solving In Mathematics and Beyond (Series)

Guenter Maresch Author
Alfred S Posamentier Author

The Teng Guide to the Chinese...

Chenwei Wang Author
Jun Yi Chow Author

Consciousness and Robot...

On Machine Consciousness (Series)

Pentti O A Haikonen Author

Dynamic Econometrics For...

Ragnar Nymoen Author

Gender Inequality

Clement A Tisdell Author

Handbook of Boron Science

Narayan S Hosmane Editor
Robert D Eagling Editor

Interpreting Zhejiang's...

Wspc-zjup On China's Regional Development (Series)

Lixu Chen Author

Loose Ends...false Starts

Sydney Brenner Author

Solar Power Finance Without...

Jenny Chase Author

Stochastic Pdes and Modelling...

Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences (Series)

Xiaopeng Chen Editor
Yan Lv Editor

Mesoscopic Physics Meets...

Sergey N Shevchenko Author

Scalar Field Cosmology

On the Foundations of Natural Science and Technology (Series)

Sergei Chervon Author
Igor Fomin Author

The Belt and Road Initiative

On China's Belt and Road Initiative (Series)

Yue Yang Editor
Fujian Li Editor

Advanced Textbook On Gene...

Daniel Scherman Editor

Chaos In Nature ()

World Scientific On Nonlinear Science A (Series)

Christophe Letellier Author

China's Rise and...

Filip Abraham Editor
Zhaoyong Zhang Editor

Cryptology For Engineers

Robert Schmied Author

Linear Algebra

Dragu Atanasiu Author
Piotr Mikusinski Author

Mathematical Population...

Volker Hosel Author
Christina Kuttler Author


Essential Textbooks In Chemistry (Series)

Charles Stuart Mccaw Author

Protein Interactions

M Michael Gromiha Editor

Set Theory and Foundations of...

Douglas Cenzer Author
Jean Larson Author

Rivalry and Cooperation In...

Mark Beeson Editor

Annual Competitiveness...

Asia Competitiveness Institute--World Scientific (Series)

Khee Giap Tan Author
Nursyahida Binte Ahmad Author

Annual Competitiveness...

Asia Competitiveness Institute--World Scientific (Series)

Khee Giap Tan Author
Kway Guan Tan Author

China's Belt and Road...

On China's Belt and Road Initiative (Series)

Gang Meng Author
Zheneng Wu Editor

Functional Interpretations

Justus Diller Author

Handbook of Heavy-tailed...

World Scientific Handbook In Financial Economics (Series)

Michele Leonardo Bianchi Editor
Stoyan V Stoyanov Editor

Metric In Measure Spaces

James J Yeh Author

With Applications To...

Handbook of Porphyrin Science (Series)

Karl M Kadish Editor
Kevin M Smith Editor

An Eventful Journey to...

Robert Delbourgo Author

Gua Sha

Kai Wen Tang Author

Particles In the Early Universe

Nikolai A Gromov Author

Speaking Truth to Power

The Singapore Story by the History-makers (Series)

Hoe Yeong Loke Editor

The Majorana Case

Erasmo Recami Author

The Transformation of China's...

On Chinese Economics Research (Series)

Wandong Yang Author
Jianjun Zhang Author

Wide Bandgap Semiconductor...

Selected Topics In Electronics and Systems (Series)

Uttam Singisetti Editor
Towhidur Razzak Editor

Advances In the Chemistry and...

Subi J George Editor
Chandrabhas Narayana Editor

Game Theoretic Analysis

Leon A Petrosyan Editor
David Wing Kay Yeung Editor

Introduction to Real Analysis

Liviu I Nicolaescu Author