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Critical Materials

World Scientific In Current Energy Issues (Series)

S Erik Offerman Author

With Applications To...

Handbook of Porphyrin Science (Series)

Karl M Kadish Editor
Kevin M Smith Editor

Acrylamide In Food

Nigel G Halford Author
Tanya Curtis Author

Encyclopedia of Packaging...

Avram Bar-Cohen Other
Jeffrey C Suhling Other

Engineering Models In...

Gabi Ben-Dor Author
Anatoly Dubinsky Author

The Goldilocks Policy

John R Fanchi Author

Simulation-based Optimization...

Slawomir Koziel Author
Stanislav Ogurtsov Author

Explosive Ferroelectric...

Sergey I Shkuratov Author

Advances On Nonlinear...

World Scientific On Nonlinear Science B (Series)

Arturo Buscarino Editor
Luigi Fortuna Editor

Innovative Production and...

Wu Peng Editor

Advanced High Strength Steel...

Yisheng Zhang Editor
Mingtu Ma Editor

Design-basis Accident...

Modern Nuclear Energy Analysis Methods (Series)

Robert Martin Editor
Cesare Frepoli Editor

Partial Differential Equations

Harumi Hattori Author

3d Local Structure and...

H Daimon Editor
Yuji C Sasaki Editor