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The Teng Guide to the Chinese...

Chenwei Wang Author
Jun Yi Chow Author

Asian Competitors

Philip Kotler Author
Hermanwan Kartajaya Author

Handbook of Porphyrin Science

Handbook of Porphyrin Science (Series)

Karl M Kadish Editor
Kevin M Smith Editor

Managing Innovation

Series On Technology Management (Series)

Alexander Brem Editor
Joe Tidd Editor

Introduction to Derivative...

Robert A Jarrow Author
Arkadev Chatterjea Author

An Elementary Approach to...

Primers In Electronics and Computer Science (Series)

Lekh Rej Vermani Author
Shalini Vermani Author

Linear Models and Regression...

Series On Multivariate Analysis (Series)

Debasis Sengupta Author
S Rao Jammalamadaka Author

Women In Their Element

Annette Lykknes Editor
Brigitte Van Tiggelen Editor

Singapore and Hong Kong

. Institute Of Advanced Studies, Ntu, Singapore Editor
Gungwu Wang Editor

Sir Stamford Raffles and Some...

John Bastin Author

High Performance Logic and...

Selected Topics In Electronics and Systems (Series)

Faquir C Jain Editor
C Broadbridge Editor

Economics, Game Theory and...

World Scientific Lecture Notes In Economics and Policy (Series)

Henry Tulkens Author

Yellow Emperor's Classic of...

Jinghua Fu Editor
Mingshan Yang Translator

Telecommunications Engineering

Amoakoh Gyasi-agyei Author

Ensemble Learning

Series In Machine Perception and Artificial Intelligence (Series)

Lior Rokach Author

Cold Atmospheric Plasmas

Spencer P Kuo Author

A Teacher's Race Course

Siok Hui Sie Author

Science In Moscow

Istvan Hargittai Author
Magdolna Hargittai Author

Engineering Models In...

Gabi Ben-dor Author
Anatoly Dubinsky Author


Svend Hollensen Author
Marc Oliver Opresnik Author

Formation of the First Black...

Muhammad Latif Editor
Dominik Schleicher Editor

Syntactic Pattern Recognition

Series In Computer Vision (Series)

Mariusz Flasinski Author

How Leaders Learn to Boost...

Rob Sheffield Author

Contemporary Issues In...

Joel Lee Editor
Marcus Tao Shien Lim Editor

Emotional Intelligence and...

Catherine Prentice Author

Basic Principles of Chinese...

Jiaxiang Hu Author


A Rashad Abdel-khalik Author

Risk and Stochastics

Pauline Barrieu Editor

Pathological Specimens and...

Michael A Tangrea Editor
Avi Z Rosenberg Editor

Economic Impact of the...

Youmei Li Author
Feng Yin Author

Photoorganocatalysis In...

Catalytic Science Series

Maurizio Fagnoni Editor
Stefano Protti Editor

The Belt and Road Initiative...

Series On China's Belt and Road Initiative (Series)

Linggui Wang Editor
Jianglin Zhao Editor

Ageing In Asia

World Scientific Series On Ageing In Asia (Series)

Kai Hong Phua Editor
Lee Gan Goh Editor

Financing the Education of...

World Scientific Series In Health Investment and Financing (Series)

Alexander S Preker Author
Hortenzia Beciu Author

World Scientific Reference On...

Michel Crouhy Editor
Dan Galai Editor

Hydrogen-bonding Research In...

Keli Han Editor
Guangjiu Zhao Editor

Planetary Habitability In...

Advances In Planetary Science (Series)

Elke Pilat-lohinger Author
Siegfried Eggl Author

Public Transportation Systems

Carlos F Daganzo Author
Yanfeng Ouyang Author

Astronomical Spectroscopy

Advanced Textbooks In Physics (Series)

Jonathan Tennyson Author

Blockchain Economics

Between Science and Economics (Series)

Melanie Swan Editor
Jason Potts Editor

World Scientific Reference of...

World Scientific Series In Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Series)

Mato Knez Other

Sustainable Energy Transition...

S Narayan Editor
Christopher Len Editor

The Psychology of Problem...

Problem Solving In Mathematics and Beyond (Series)

Alfred S Posamentier Author
Gary Kose Author

Insights On Singapore's...

. Institute Of Policy Studies, Singapore Other

Nanopore Sequencing

Daniel Branton Author
David W Deamer Author

Handbook of Global Financial...

Sabri Boubaker Editor
Duc Khuong Nguyen Editor