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Applications of Tensor...

Michael J Cloud Author
Victor A Eremeyev Author

Tundish Technology For Clean...

Yogeshwar Sahai Author
Toshihiko Emi Editor

Materials Science and Energy...

Shyan-Lung Chung Editor
Xiaolong Li Editor

Microstructure and Properties...

Albrecht Gysler Editor
Chi-mei Hsiao Editor

Technological Development,...

Welf Heinrich Schnell Editor
Wolfgang Radtke Editor

Electrical Engineering and...

Xiaoxing Zhang Editor

Science Research Writing For...

Hilary Glasman-Deal Author


George A Bekey Author
Robert Ambrose Author

Quantitative Forecasting of...

A G D Emerson Author

Physics, Chemistry and...

Victor E Borisenko Editor
Sergei Vasil'evich Gaponenko Editor

Ceramic Electrolytes For...

Masashi Kotobuki Author
Shu-feng Song Author

Metals and Energy Finance

Dennis L Buchanan Author
Mark H A Davis Author

Imperial College Lectures In...

Ann Muggeridge Author
Sam Krevor Author

Understanding Genes and Gmos

Colin Sanderson Author

Mathematical Tools In Signal...

Willi-Hans Steeb Author

Nanoscale Processes On...

Enrico Gnecco Author
Marek Szymonski Author

Ultrawideband Antennas

Xiaodong Chen Author
Cong Ling Author

X-ray Scattering From...

Paul F Fewster Author

Homogenization Methods For...

Chiang C Mei Author
Bogdan Vernescu Author


Chrystopher L Nehaniv Editor
Masami Ito Editor

Coastal Engineering...

Billy L Edge Other
Jane McKee Smith Editor


Hock Lim Editor
Serguei Matitsine Editor

Introduction to Semiconductor...

Christopher M Snowden Author

Exact Analysis of Bi-periodic...

C W Cai Author
Hon Chuen Chan Author

Encyclopedia of Thermal...

Avram Bar-Cohen Other

Flood Hazard Identification...

Richard H French Editor
Julianne J Miller Editor

Reviews of Accelerator...

Alexander Wu Chao Editor
Weiren Chou Editor

Environmental Applications of...

Glen E Fryxell Editor
Guozhong Cao Editor

Controlled Growth of...

Lide Zhang Author
Xiaosheng Fang Author

Electron Cyclotron Emission...

Ronald Prater Editor

Optical Properties of...

Dick Bedeaux Author
Jan Vlieger Author

Plasma Production by Laser...

Lorenzo Torrisi Editor
Fortunato Neri Editor

Introduction to Petroleum...

Andrew Clennel Palmer Author

Optimization of Structural...

Jasbir S Arora Editor

Orientation of Single...

Ernesto Dieguez Author
C Marin Author

Fundamentals of Materials...

Jianguo Lin Author

Optoelectronic Devices

Niloy K Dutta Author
Xiang Zhang Author

Physics, Chemistry and...

Victor E Borisenko Editor
Sergei Vasil'evich Gaponenko Editor


Guiseppe Ciullo Editor
Marco Contalbrigo Editor

Emerging Consequences of...

Krishna R Dronamraju Author

Asian and Pacific Coasts 2003...

Yoshimi Goda Editor
Wataru Kioka Editor

Recent Trends In Radiation...

James F Wishart Editor
B S Madhava Rao Editor

Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors

Mukesh Jain Editor

Physics, Chemistry and...

Victor E Borisenko Editor
Sergei Vasil'evich Gaponenko Editor

Principles and Applications...

Jerry Y C Jean Editor
Peter E Mallon Editor

New Generation Design Codes...

Meei-ling Lin Editor
Chung-Tien Chin Editor

Optical Properties of Graphene

Rolf Binder Editor

Lectures On Methods of...

Ole Krogh Andersen Editor
V Kumar Editor