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Applications of Tensor...

Michael J Cloud Author
Victor A Eremeyev Author

Ceramic Electrolytes For...

Masashi Kotobuki Author
Shu-feng Song Author

Optoelectronic Devices

Niloy K Dutta Author
Xiang Zhang Author

Fundamentals of Tribology ()

Homer Rahnejat Author
Ramsey Gohar Author

Bayesian Networks In Fault...

Baoping Cai Editor
Yonghong Liu Editor

Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing and...

Modern Nuclear Energy Analysis Methods (Series)

Jinsuo Zhang Editor

Acrylamide In Food

Nigel G Halford Author
Tanya Curtis Author

World Scientific Handbook of...

Materials and Energy (Series)

Franky So Other

Introduction to Workplace...

Yang Miang Goh Author

Inclusive Fintech

David Kuo Chuen Lee Author
Linda Low Author

Engineering Models In...

Gabi Ben-Dor Author
Anatoly Dubinsky Author

Introductory Matter Physics

Francesco Simoni Author

Advances In Coastal Hydraulics

Vijay Panchang Author
James M Kaihatu Author

Carbon Materials

Engineering Materials For Technological Needs (Series)

Deborah D L Chung Author

Simulation-based Optimization...

Slawomir Koziel Author
Stanislav Ogurtsov Author

Advances On Nonlinear...

World Scientific On Nonlinear Science B (Series)

Luigi Fortuna Editor
Arturo Buscarino Editor

Cooperative Innovation

World Scientific In R&d Management (Series)

Fredrick Betz Author

The Goldilocks Policy

John R Fanchi Author

High Performance Materials...

Selected Topics In Electronics and Systems (Series)

C Broadbridge Editor
Faquir C Jain Editor

Advanced High Strength Steel...

Mingtu Ma Editor
Yisheng Zhang Editor

Quasi-one-dimensional Organic...

Peking University-world Scientific Advanced Physics (Series)

Wei Zhang Author
Carlos A R Sa De Melo Author

Imperial College Lectures In...

Vural Sander Suicmez Author
Xudong Jing Author

Software-assisted Method...

Szabolcs Fekete Editor
Imre Molnar Editor

Water Is...

Seth B Darling Author
Seth W Snyder Author

Modern Railway Engineering...

Ying Zhu Author
Lie Chen Author

Nonlinear Algebra In an Acorn

Martin J Lee Author
Ken Kang Too Tsang Author

Numerical Pde Analysis of the...

William E Schiesser Author

3d Local Structure and...

Yuji C Sasaki Editor
H Daimon Editor

Solder Materials

Wspc In Advanced Integration and Packaging (Series)

Kwang-Lung Lin Author

Dental Biomaterials

World Scientific: From Biomaterials Towards Medical Devices (Series)

Edward Sacher Editor
Rodrigo Franca Editor

Superconducting Fault Current...

World Scientific In Applications of Superconductivity and Related Phenomena (Series)

Pascal Tixador Editor

Design-basis Accident...

Modern Nuclear Energy Analysis Methods (Series)

Robert Martin Editor
Cesare Frepoli Editor