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Gender Inequality

Clement A Tisdell Author

Meme the Monkey

Joanne H Lim Author
Hong Shin Quek Artist

Class and Class Conflict In...

Alvin Y So Author

Chinese Community Leadership

David Chuenyan Lai Author

Many Dawns

Mary Cherian Editor
Jeannie Ho Editor

50 Years of the Chinese...

World Scientific On Singapore's 50 Years of Nation-building (Series)

Cheng Lian Pang Editor

Tan Lark Sye

Chu Meng Ong Editor
Hoon Yong Lim Editor

The Great Equal Society

Young-oak Kim Author
Jung-kyu Kim Author

People's Livelihood In...

On Chinese Economics Research (Series)

Peilin Li Editor

Human Security Studies

Sorpong Peou Author

Japan's Demographic Revival

Stephen Robert Nagy Editor

Crucial Agricultural Policy

Ray Trewin Editor

All About Science

Science Matters (Series)

Lam Lui Editor
Maria Burguete Editor

50 Years of Indian Community...

World Scientific On Singapore's 50 Years of Nation-building (Series)

Gopinath Pillai Editor
K Kesavapany Editor

Social Suffering and...

Peking University On Sociology and Anthropology (Series)

Feiyu Sun Author

Ranking the Liveability of...

Khee Giap Tan Author
Wing Thye Woo Author

The Village and Its Discontents

Antonio Leopold Rappa Editor

Does Class Matter? Social...

Ern Ser Tan Author


Jinhua Guo Author

Cultural Patterns and...

Exploring Complexity (Series)

Balazs Gulyas Editor
Jan Wouter Vasbinder Editor

Ensuring a Square Meal

Theresa W Devasahayam Editor

Global Challenges For Future...

World Scientific In Grand Public Policy Challenges of the 21st Century (Series)

Timothy Josling Other
David Blandford Editor

Handbook On Social...

Peilin Li Editor
Mikhail K Gorshkov Editor

Liveability In Singapore

David Chan Editor


Advanced On Ocean Engineering (Series)

Tomotsuka Takayama Author
Susumu Murata Author

What's In the Name? How the...

Yew Peng Ng Author

Political Science Research...

Cal Clark Author

South Asia In the New Decade

Amitendu Palit Editor
Gloria Spittel Editor

Singapore Childhood

Jaime Koh Author
. Singapore Children's Society Author

The Economics of Social...

World Scientific In Global Health Economics and Public Policy (Series)

Sherman Folland Editor
Lorenzo Rocco Editor

Managing Mobile Technologies

World Scientific In R&d Management (Series)

Tugrul U Daim Editor
Alexander Brem Editor

Golden Dragon and Purple Phoenix

Khoon Choy Lee Author

Chinese Urbanism

Jing Xie Author

Chinese Migrants Write Home

Gregor Benton Editor
Huimei Zhang Editor

Chinese Society In the Xi...

Eai On East Asia (Series)

Litao Zhao Editor
Dongtao Qi Editor

Township Governance and...

On Contemporary China (Series)

Shukai Zhao Author

Enabling Positive Attitudes...

David Chan Editor

Ancient Silk Trade Routes

Dashu Qin Editor
Jian Yuan Editor

China's Economy

On Developing China – Translated Research From China (Series)

Zhenglai Deng Editor

Asian Alterity

William Siew Wai Lim Author

The Making of Southeast Asian...

Leo Suryadinata Author

Singapore 2065

Euston Quah Editor

Topography of Politics In...

Peking University On Sociology and Anthropology (Series)

Xiaoyang Zhu Author

Fighting Corruption In Asia

Frank-jurgen Richter Editor
John Kidd Editor

Pierrot Requiem

Tadao Ichikawa Author

China Through American Eyes

Wenxian Zhang Author

Breaking Out of the Poverty Trap

Luolin Wang Editor
Ling Zhu Editor

Japan and China

Koichi Sakamoto Author