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4D Visualization of Matter

Ahmed H Zewail Author

Biocomputing 2017

Russ B Altman Editor
A Keith Dunker Editor

Experimental Studies of...

Takaaki Kajita Author

Symmetry and Structural...

T Lulek Editor
W Florek Editor

Modern Problems of...

P I Pronin Editor
Yu N Obukhov Editor

A Bouquet of Dyson

Jeremy Bernstein Author

Dynamical Modeling In...

Franco Bagnoli Author
Stefano Ruffo Author

Nuclear Shells--50...

Yu Ts Oganessian Editor
Rumiana Kalpakchieva Editor

Geometrical Aspects of...

Andrei A Bytsenko Editor
Antonio E Goncalves Editor

Nature Not Mocked

Peter Day Author

Maize Genetics and Breeding...

Peter A Peterson Editor
Angelo Bianchi Editor

In Bytes We Travel

Hsin Hsin Lin Author


P R Wallace Author

Worldviews, Science and Us

Diederik Aerts Editor
Nicole Note Editor

Modeling Black Hole Evaporation

Jose Navarro-salas Author
Alessandro Fabbri Author

Physics and Combinatorics,...

Anatol N Kirillov Editor
Akihiro Tsuchiya Editor

Mathematical Physics...

Rafael De La Llave Editor
Hans A Koch Editor

Quantum Physics and Observed...

Hermann Wimmel Author

Structure, Context,...

Karl-erik Eriksson Author
Kristian Lindgren Author

Non-equilibrium Statistical...

Xavier de Hemptinne Author

Ideals and Realities

Azim Kidwai Author
Choy Heng Lai Author

Renaissance of Sciences In...

H R Dalafi Editor
M H A Hassan Editor

Science, Faith and Ethics

Larry L Hench Author

Exotic Nuclei and...

Sabin Stoica Editor
Livius Trache Editor


Paul M Bellan Author

Shedding the Veil

Thomas Suarez Author

Theoretical and Computational...

Alexandra Tolstoy Editor
Er-Chang Shang Editor

Advanced Electromagnetism

Terence William Barrett Editor
Dale M Grimes Editor

Modelling Coastal and Marine...

Phil Dyke Author


WenJun Zhang Author

Advances In Pattern...

In Machine Perception and Artificial Intelligence (Series)

Patrick S P Wang Author
Isabelle Guyon Author

Xx International Physics...

Waldemar Gorzkowski Editor

Problems and Solutions In...

Anton Z Capri Author

Solid State Ionic...

B V R Chowdari Editor
M Yahaya Editor

Stochastic Systems

V S Pugachev Author
Igor Sinitsyn Author

The Supersymmetric World--The...

Misha Shifman Editor
Gordon Kane Editor

When Economies Change Paths

Leo-paul Dana Author

Biochemical and Genetic...

Bernard R Glick Author
G Holguin Author

Computational Bioengineering

Miguel Cerrolaza Editor
Manuel Doblare Editor

Materials Science and Energy...

Shyan-Lung Chung Editor
Xiaolong Li Editor

Challenging the Boundaries of...

Philip Ramsden Editor
Peter Mitic Editor

Strong Coupling Gauge...

Yasumichi Aoki Editor
Toshihide Maskawa Editor

An Introduction to the...

Gerald E Marsh Author

Teaching Science In...

Tang Wee Teo Editor
Rong Lun Khoh Editor


Wolfram Schommers Author

An Introduction to String...

Richard J Szabo Author

The Physics of Quasicrystals

Stelland Ostlund Editor
Paul J Steinhardt Editor