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. Govindjee Author
Lars Olof Bjorn Author

Ivan Stranski--The...

Ivan Vesselinov Markov Author


Osamu Shimomura Editor
Ilia V Yampolsky Editor

Principles of Space-time-matter

Paul S Wesson Author
James M Overduin Author

Delta N Formalism In...

Ali Akbar Abolhasani Author
Hassan Firouzjahi Author

All of Physics (Almost) In 15...

Bruno Mansoulie Author

Mesoscopic Physics Meets...

Sergey N Shevchenko Author

Quantum Leaps

Jeremy Bernstein Author

Cooling Energy Solutions For...

Mat Santamouris Editor

With Applications To...

Handbook of Porphyrin Science (Series)

Karl M Kadish Editor
Kevin M Smith Editor

How to Build a Dragon Or Die...

Paul Knoepfler Author
Julie Knoepfler Author

Physics On Ultracold Quantum...

Peking University-world Scientific Advanced Physics (Series)

Yi Wei Author
Yongjian Han Author

Advanced Interferometric...

100ygr (Series)

David Reitze Editor
Peter R Saulson Editor

A Concise Manual of...

Liviu F Radulescu Author

Probing the Meaning of...

Diederik Aerts Editor
Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara Editor

Wonders of Physics, the ()

Andrey Varlamov Author
Lev G Aslamazov Author

Cold Atmospheric Plasmas

Spencer P Kuo Author

Effective Field Theories For...

Mannque Rho Author
Yong-Liang Ma Author

An Introduction to...

Utkir A Rozikov Author

Multiple Parton Interactions...

Advanced On Directions In High Energy Physics (Series)

Paolo Bartalini Editor
Jonathan Richard Gaunt Editor

Photoorganocatalysis In...

Catalytic Science (Series)

Maurizio Fagnoni Editor
Stefano Protti Editor

Pt Symmetry

Carl M Bender Author
Roberto Tateo Author

New Physics Frontiers In the...

The Subnuclear (Series)

Antonino Zichichi Editor
Silvia Arcelli Other

Classical Mechanics and...

Jon Magne Leinaas Author

The Structure and Evolution...

J J Eldridge Author
Christopher Adam Tout Author

Nonlinear Dynamics and...

Swapan Chattopadhyay Editor
Max Cornacchia Editor

Practical Alchemy

Walter A Harrison Author

Carbon Materials

Engineering Materials For Technological Needs (Series)

Deborah D L Chung Author

Cooperative Innovation

World Scientific In R&d Management (Series)

Fredrick Betz Author

Split by Sun

Harriet Birks Artist
Thomas Faunce Author

Chiral Photochemical Scissors...

Challa Kumar Author
Apinya Buranaprapuk Author

Spectroscopic Identification...

Mohamed Hilmy Elnagdi Author
Kamal Usef Sadek Author

Principles of Classical...

Didier De Fontaine Author

The Promise of Science

Lorie Karnath Editor


Sergei Belyakov Author

Geometry of Biharmonic Mappings

Hajime Urakawa Author

Lectures On Chemical Bonding...

Sambhu N Datta Author

Progress, Pioneers and Process

Moyra Smith Author

The Future of Fusion Energy

Jason Parisi Author
Justin Ball Author

Graph-based Keyword Spotting

In Machine Perception and Artificial Intelligence (Series)

Michael Stauffer Editor
Andreas Fischer Editor

Rocks, Radio and Radar

History of Modern Physical Sciences (Series)

Mary Elizabeth Harris Author

Advances In Atmospheric...

Advances In Atmospheric Chemistry (Series)

John R Barker Editor
Allison L Steiner Editor

Field Theory

World Scientific Lecture Notes In Physics (Series)

Ashok Das Author

Sydney Brenner's 10-on-10

Shuzhen Sim Editor
Benjamin Seet Editor

Time-dependent Quantum...

James P Lavine Author

Accelerator Physics ()

Shyh-yuan Lee Author

Lectures of Sidney Coleman On...

David Kaiser Author of introduction, etc.
David Derbes Editor

From My Vast Repertoire...

Aharon Levy Editor
Stefano Forte Editor