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Ceramic Electrolytes For...

Masashi Kotobuki Author
Shu-feng Song Author

Molecular Vibrations

Guozhen Wu Author

Optoelectronic Devices

Niloy K Dutta Author
Xiang Zhang Author

Phase Transitions For Beginners

Sergei M Stishov Author


. Govindjee Author
Lars Olof Bjorn Author

Ivan Stranski--The...

Ivan Vesselinov Markov Author

Understand Your Dna

Lasse Folkersen Author

Introduction to Solid State...

Amnon Aharony Author
Ora Entin-Wohlman Author

A Guide to Mathematical...

Advanced Textbooks In Physics (Series)

Michela Petrini Author
Gianfranco Pradisi Author

Application-driven Quantum...

Essential Textbooks In Physics (Series)

Jean-Michel Gillet Author

Quantum Leaps

Jeremy Bernstein Author

Cooling Energy Solutions For...

Mat Santamouris Editor

Principles of Space-time-matter

Paul S Wesson Author
James M Overduin Author

Delta N Formalism In...

Ali Akbar Abolhasani Author
Hassan Firouzjahi Author

All of Physics (Almost) In 15...

Bruno Mansoulie Author

Physics On Ultracold Quantum...

Peking University-world Scientific Advanced Physics (Series)

Yi Wei Author
Yongjian Han Author

Wonders of Physics, the ()

Andrey Varlamov Author
Lev G Aslamazov Author

Maxwell Equation

Hiroshi Isozaki Author

In the Spirit of Science

Sydney Brenner Author
Terrence Sejnowski Author

Theoretical and Mathematical...

Willi-Hans Steeb Author

A Concise Manual of...

Liviu F Radulescu Author

Beginners Guide to...

Tin Wee Tan Author
Eric Cheng-yu Lee Author

Crossing the Red Line

Gerald E Marsh Author


Kimoon Kim Author
Young Ho Ko Author

From Quarks to Pions

Michael Creutz Author

Genomic Uracil

Hans Einar Krokan Author
Geir Slupphaug Author

The Earth Is Not For Sale

David Schwartzman Author
Peter Schwartzman Author

Probing the Meaning of...

Diederik Aerts Editor
Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara Editor

Spectroscopic Properties of...

Goutam Brahmachari Author

Learning About Your Genes

Errol C Friedberg Author

Pyrolysis-gas Chromatography

Peter Kusch Author

Essential Classical Mechanics

Choonkyu Lee Author
Hyunsoo Min Author

An Introduction to...

Utkir A Rozikov Author

Planetary Habitability and...

Advances In Planetary Science (Series)

Arnold Hanslmeier Author

Elegant Fractals

Fractals and Dynamics In Mathematics, Science, and the Arts: Theory and Applications (Series)

Julien Clinton Sprott Author

Multiple Parton Interactions...

Advanced On Directions In High Energy Physics (Series)

Paolo Bartalini Editor
Jonathan Richard Gaunt Editor


Sustainable Chemistry (Series)

Manuel Lopez Granados Editor
David Martin Alonso Editor

The Mereon Matrix

On Knots and Everything (Series)

Louis H Kauffman Editor
Jytte Brender McNair Editor

Applied Thermal Measurements...

Lessons From Nanoscience: a Lecture Notes (Series)

Chris Dames Author
Zhen Chen Author

Application-driven Quantum...

Essential Textbooks In Physics (Series)

Jean-Michel Gillet Author

Effective Field Theories For...

Mannque Rho Author
Yong-Liang Ma Author

Cold Atmospheric Plasmas

Spencer P Kuo Author

Photoorganocatalysis In...

Catalytic Science (Series)

Maurizio Fagnoni Editor
Stefano Protti Editor

Understanding Voltammetry ()

Richard Guy Compton Author
Craig E Banks Author

George Placzek

Misha Shifman Author
Ales Gottvald Author