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Decarbonising the World's...

Terry Barker Editor
Douglas Crawford-Brown Editor

China's 19th Party Congress

Kerry Brown Editor

Participation and Interaction

Jinjun Zhao Editor
Zhirui Chen Editor

Economics of Natural Disasters

Euston Quah Editor
Suman Kumari Sharma Editor

A New Economic Growth Engine...

Wing Thye Woo Editor
Ming Lu Editor

The Global Development of...

The Tricontinental On Global Economic Issues (Series)

Alex Bowen Editor
Nicholas Stern Editor

Ethnicities, Personalities...

Ching-hwang Yen Author

Free Trade Agreements In the...

World Scientific Studies In International Economics (Series)

Christopher Findlay Editor
Shujiro Urata Editor

World Development and...

Solomon I Cohen Author

Contemporary South Korean...

Eai On East Asia (Series)

Min-Hua Chiang Editor

Adaptation to Climate Change

Kheng Lian Koh Editor
Robert Kibugi Editor

Goh Keng Swee

Barry Desker Editor
Chong Guan Kwa Editor

The Hope and Vision of J....

Michael A Day Author

Liveability In Singapore

David Chan Editor

Rivalry and Cooperation In...

Mark Beeson Editor

New Silk Road

Jean-paul Larcon Editor

Class and Class Conflict In...

Alvin Y So Author

Reversing Climate Change

Graciela Chichilnisky Author
Peter Bal Author

Economics of Tobacco Control...

World Scientific In Global Health Economics and Public Policy (Series)

Teh-Wei Hu Editor

Future In Retrospect

China Foreign Affairs Review (Series)

Zhirui Chen Editor
Yaqing QIN Editor

Urban Pollution and Changes...

Air Pollution Reviews (Series)

Peter Brimblecombe Editor

2011 China's Trade...

. Shanghai Wto Affairs Consultation Center Author

Facets of Competitiveness

Ashish Lall Editor

State, Society and National...

Shashi Jayakumar Editor

Inception Point

James Low Author

Interpreting Zhejiang's...

Wspc-zjup On China's Regional Development (Series)

Lixu Chen Author

Civil Society and the State...

Carol Soon Editor
Gillian Koh Editor

The Resurgence of Ideological...

Leizhen Zang Author

Rural Reform and Development

Wspc-zjup On China's Regional Development (Series)

Yikang Gu Author
Feng Shao Author

The Belt and Road Initiative

On China's Belt and Road Initiative (Series)

Yue Yang Editor
Fujian Li Editor

China's Belt and Road...

On China's Belt and Road Initiative (Series)

Gang Meng Author
Zheneng Wu Editor

The Tommy Koh Reader

Tommy Koh Author

International Trade

Richard Pomfret Author

Smart Diplomacy

Pisupati Sadasiva Suryanarayana Author

Moving Up the Ladder

Shigesaburo Kabe Editor
Ryuichi Ushiyama Editor

Global China

Bryan Pak Nung Wong Editor
Joseph Yu-shek Cheng Editor

Green Urbanism In Asia

Peter Newman Author
Anne Matan Author

Trade and Investment In South...

Rahul Nath Choudhury Author
Dinkar Nayak Author

Migration In East and...

Samuel C Y Ku Editor
Kristina Kironska Editor

Sustainability and...

Xiumei Guo Editor
Dora Marinova Editor

Handbook of the Sociology of...

Tom Dwyer Editor
Mikhail K Gorshkov Editor

Political Development In Hong...

Joseph Yu-shek Cheng Author

Lecture Notes In State and...

World Scientific Lecture Notes In Economics and Policy (Series)

John Yinger Author

Sustainability Matters (In 2...

Loke-Ming Chou Editor
Irene Lin-heng Lye Editor

Speaking Truth to Power

The Singapore Story by the History-makers (Series)

Hoe Yeong Loke Editor

Zhu Rongji and China's...

John Wong Author

Rise of Singapore, the (In 2...

Mark Tat Soon Hong Author
Amy V R Lugg Editor

China's Rise and...

Filip Abraham Editor
Zhaoyong Zhang Editor