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Tall Order

Peh Shing Huei Author

Economics of Natural Disasters

Euston Quah Editor
Suman Kumari Sharma Editor

China's 19th Party Congress

Kerry Brown Editor

Sustainability and...

Xiumei Guo Editor
Dora Marinova Editor

The Resurgence of Ideological...

Leizhen Zang Author

Contemporary Issues In...

Joel Lee Editor
Marcus Tao Shien Lim Editor

Seeking a Better Urban Future

Ips-nathan Lecture (Series)

Koon Hean Cheong Author

Power Broking In the Shade

Wolfgang Sachsenroeder Author

How Working Together Matters

David Chan Editor

Basic Principles of Chinese...

Jiaxiang Hu Author

Megaregionalism 2.0

World Scientific Studies In International Economics (Series)

Dieter Ernst Editor
Michael G Plummer Editor

The Passionate Bureaucrat

Max Everest-Phillips Author

National Service In Singapore

Shu Huang Ho Editor
Graham Gerard Ong-Webb Editor

Fulfilling the Trust

Norshahril Saat Editor

The Development of Guangdong

Joseph Yu-shek Cheng Author

The Goldilocks Policy

John R Fanchi Author

The Crisis of Cultural...

David Hyndman Author
Scott Flower Author

China's Rise In Mainland Asean

Suthiphand Chirathivat Editor
Buddhagarn Rutchatorn Editor

Public Trust In Singapore

David Chan Editor

Living In Troubled Times

Thierry de Montbrial Author

Cooperative Innovation

World Scientific In R&d Management (Series)

Fredrick Betz Author

The Divided City

Binti Singh Author
Mahendra Sethi Author

New Humanism and Global...

Lijun Yang Editor
Wei Shan Editor


Norman Vasu Editor
Shashi Jayakumar Editor

2030 Vision For Asean--China...

Yanjun Guo Editor
Fujian Li Other

The Crossroads of Globalization

Alfredo Toro Hardy Author

China's Education Reform

Wspc-ecnu On China (Series)

Ruiquan Gao Editor
Guanjun Wu Editor

The State and the Arts In...

Terence Chong Editor

Sri Lanka At Crossroads

Asanga Abeyagoonasekera Author

Asian Agribusiness Management

Ralph D Christy Editor
Joselito Bernardo Editor

Building Inclusive...

Ronald U Mendoza Editor
Julio C Teehankee Editor

Learning From Violent...

Majeed Khader Editor
Loo Seng Neo Editor

Innovative Federal Reserve...

World Scientific-now Publishers In Business (Series)

George G Kaufman Editor
Douglas D Evanoff Editor

The South China Sea Disputes...

On Contemporary China (Series)

James Chieh Hsiung Author

Critical Issues In Asset...

Bilveer Singh Editor
S Vasoo Editor

Hunger and Malnutrition As...

World Scientific In Grand Public Policy Challenges of the 21st Century (Series)

Raghbendra Jha Editor