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Critical Materials

World Scientific In Current Energy Issues (Series)

S Erik Offerman Author

Oppenheimer and the Manhattan...

Cynthia C Kelly Editor

Principles of Space-time-matter

Paul S Wesson Author
James M Overduin Author

Continuum Models and Discrete...

Konstantin Z Markov Editor

Numerical Solution of...

Granville Sewell Author

Asian Economic Cooperation In...

Advanced Research On Asian Economy and Economies of Other Continents (Series)

Christopher M Edmonds Editor
Calla Wiemer Editor

The Singapore Blue Chips

Nandini Vijayaraghavan Author
Umesh Desai Author


Hock Lim Editor
Serguei Matitsine Editor

Applications of C++ Programming

Fritz Solms Author
Willi-Hans Steeb Author

Conformal Field Theory

Sergei V Ketov Author

Energy Trail, the — Where It...

George H Croy Author

Advances In Dusty Plasmas

Padma Kant Shukla Editor
D A Mendis Editor


Einar P Wilder-Smith Author
Aravinda K Therimadasamy Author

Inframarginal Economics

Increasing Returns and Inframarginal Economics (Series)

Raymond Wai-man Liu Author
Xiaokai Yang Author

Heavy-ion Dynamics and Hot...

G Nebbia Editor
Madassery N Namboodiri Editor

Homogenization Methods For...

Chiang C Mei Author
Bogdan Vernescu Author

Electroweak Symmetry Breaking...

Taizo Muta Editor
Jiro Kodaira Editor

Fission and Properties of...

H K Carter Editor
Joseph H Hamilton Editor

Will Taiwan Break Away

Cheong Ching Author

Continued Fractions

Doug Hensley Author

Mesoscopic Physics Meets...

Sergey N Shevchenko Author

B Physics and Cp Violation

Thomas E Browder Editor
Frederick A Harris Editor

Sensors and...

Riccardo Falciai Editor
Corrado Di Natale Editor

Statistical Physics of...

Duane C Wallace Author

Progress In Statistical...

Jong Hoon Oh Editor
Chang Sub Kim Editor

Strong and Electroweak Matter...

Kari J Eskola Editor
Keijo Kajantie Editor

Quantum Groups, Integrable...

Nankai Lectures On Mathematical Physics (Series)

Mo-Lin Ge Editor
H J de Vega Editor

Study Guide For Statistics...

Ronald L Moy Author

Methods of Wave Theory In...

Mikhail Victorovich Kuzelev Author
Anri Amvrosievich Rukhadze Author

Physics, Chemistry and...

Victor E Borisenko Editor
Sergei Vasil'evich Gaponenko Editor

Stochastic Analysis In...

Gerard Ben Arous Editor
Ana Bela Cruzeiro Editor

Neutrino '96

Kari Enqvist Editor
Katri Huitu Editor

New Worlds In Astroparticle...

Ana Maria Mourao Editor
Mario Pimenta Editor

Selected Topics In Photonic...

Antonello Andreone Editor
Andrea Cusano Editor

Lattice Dynamical Foundations...

In Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Series)

Attila Askar Author

Mushroom Biology

Shu-Ting Chang Author
Philip G Miles Author

Introduction to Semiconductor...

Christopher M Snowden Author

Ion Sensing Electrodes and...

K S V Santhanam Editor

Foundations of Quantum...

Claudio Garola Editor
Arcangelo Rossi Editor

The Legacy of Leon Van Hove

World Scientific In 20th Century Physics (Series)

Alberto Giovannini Editor

Supersymmetry, Supergravity...

Jonathon A Bagger Editor

The Economics of...

World Scientific Studies In International Economics (Series)

Giovanni Peri Author

Theory and Reality In...

George M Frankfurter Author

Time-delay Systems

Patrick W Nelson Author
Sun Yi Author

Symmetry and Structural...

Tadeusz Lulek Editor
Wojciech Florek Editor

The Neumann Compendium

World Scientific In 20th Century Mathematics (Series)

Murray Muraskin Editor
F Brody Editor

Systemic Implications of...

World Scientific Studies In International Economics (Series)

Robert M Stern Editor
Simon J Evenett Editor

Asian Crisis

Jean Claude Berthelemy Editor
Tommy Koh Editor