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Critical Materials

World Scientific In Current Energy Issues (Series)

S Erik Offerman Author

Energy Trail, the — Where It...

George H Croy Author

Optimum Accelerated Life...

Preeti Wanti Srivastava Author

Lectures, Problems and...

Yuefan Deng Author

Ceramic Electrolytes For...

Masashi Kotobuki Author
Shu-feng Song Author

Optical Properties of Graphene

Rolf Binder Editor

Mechanics and Mechanical...

Maosen Cao Editor

Laboratory Scientific...

Paul Le Pinnet Author

Design, Manufacturing and...

A Mehran Shahhosseini Editor

Advanced Concepts In Nuclear...

Modern Nuclear Energy Analysis Methods (Series)

Tunc Aldemir Editor

Applications of Tensor...

Michael J Cloud Author
Victor A Eremeyev Author

Imperial College Lectures In...

Ann Muggeridge Author
Sam Krevor Author

Elements of Fluid Dynamics

Icp Fluid Mechanics (Series)

Guido Buresti Author

Classical and Computational...

Advanced In Engineering Science (Series)

Yuen-cheng Fung Author
Pin Tong Author

Bioevaluation of World...

Andrew Adamatzky Editor

Black Tio2 Nanomaterials For...

Xiaobo Chen Editor
Yi Cui Editor

Environmental Applications of...

Glen E Fryxell Editor
Guozhong Cao Editor

Energy Studies ()

William Shepherd Author
David William Shepherd Author

Handbook of Mechanical...

Vladimir I Slivker Author
Anatoly V Perelmuter Author

With Applications To...

Handbook of Porphyrin Science (Series)

Karl M Kadish Editor
Kevin M Smith Editor

Encyclopedia of Packaging...

Avram Bar-Cohen Other
Jeffrey C Suhling Other

Handbook of Solid State...

Materials and Energy (Series)

Nancy J Dudney Editor
William C West Editor

Bio-inspired Surfaces and...

Yuehao Luo Editor
Eddie Yin-Kwee Ng Editor

Diamondoid Molecules

G Ali Mansoori Author
Elmo Silvano de Araujo Author

World Scientific Handbook of...

Materials and Energy (Series)

Franky So Other

Advances In Multi-photon...

Advances In Multi-photon Processes and Spectroscopy (Series)

Sheng-hsien Lin Editor
Albert A Villaeys Editor

Crystal Growth For Beginners

Ivan Vesselinov Markov Author

Structural Health Monitoring...

Srinivasan Chandrasekaran Author

Iaeng Transactions On...

Sio-iong Ao Editor
Alan Hoi-shou Chan Editor

Applied Engineering,...

Jong Wan Hu Editor

Materials Science and Energy...

Shyan-Lung Chung Editor
Xiaolong Li Editor

Understanding Systems

Michael F Insana Author
Jamshid Ghaboussi Author

Finite Element Methods For...

Roger T Fenner Author

Material Science and...

Xingsheng Duan Editor

Introduction to Petroleum...

Andrew Clennel Palmer Author

The Recovery of Gold From...

Syed Sabir Editor

Fundamentals of Tribology ()

Homer Rahnejat Author
Ramsey Gohar Author

Probabilistic Methods In the...

Isaac E Elishakoff Author

Sports Innovation, Technology...

Dominic F L Southgate Editor
Anthony M J Bull Editor

Iii-nitride Materials,...

Zhe Chuan Feng Editor

Bayesian Networks In Fault...

Baoping Cai Editor
Yonghong Liu Editor

Rapid Prototyping

Chee Kai Chua Author
Kah Fai Leong Author

Acrylamide In Food

Nigel G Halford Author
Tanya Curtis Author

Encyclopedia of Two-phase...

John R Thome Editor
Jungho Kim Editor

Energy, Environmental &...

Jamal Khatib Editor

Fundamentals of Materials...

Jianguo Lin Author

Modelling Coastal and Marine...

Phil Dyke Author