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The Leader, the Teacher & You

Siong Guan Lim Author
Joanne H Lim Author

The Belt and Road Initiative...

Wspc-zjup On China's Regional Development (Series)

Lijun Lu Author

Corporate Social...

Benoit Vermander Author

China's Rise and...

Filip Abraham Editor
Zhaoyong Zhang Editor

The Essence of International...

Noritsugu Nakanishi Author

Corporate Social...

Sabri Boubaker Editor
Duc Khuong Nguyen Editor

Financial Derivatives

World Scientific Lecture Notes In Economics (Series)

George Michael Constantinides Author

Megaregionalism 2.0

World Scientific Studies In International Economics (Series)

Dieter Ernst Editor
Michael G Plummer Editor

Business With Purpose

Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan Author

Patent Portfolio Deployment

Shang-Jyh Liu Author
Anna Hoi Yan Fong Author

Corporate Strategy For...

Akira Ishikawa Editor
Tetsuro Saisho Editor

Foreign Direct Investment

Mehdi Rasouli Ghahroudi Author
Yasuo Hoshino Author

Post-Covid Asia

Hyun-hoon Lee Author
Donghyun Park Author

The Future of Large,...

World Scientific Studies In International Economics (Series)

Asli Demirguc-Kunt Editor
Douglas D Evanoff Editor

The World Scientific Handbook...

World Scientific Handbook In Financial Economics (Series)

Anastasios G Malliaris Editor
William T Ziemba Editor

Methodological Dimension of...

Masudul Alam Choudhury Author

Camels, Tigers & Unicorns

Uday Phadke Author
Shailendra Vyakarnam Author

Sustainability Management and...

Japanese Management and International Studies (Series)

Katsuhiko Kokubu Editor
Yoshiyuki Nagasaka Editor

Saving Ourselves

Yacine Belhaj-Bouabdallah Author

The Case For Patents

Daniel F Spulber Author

Preparing Youths For the...

Jessie Ee Author
Agnes Chang Author

Applied Business Ethics

Mathias Schuz Author

Stock Markets and Corporate...

Michael Joseph Dempsey Author

Unleashing the Greatness In You

John Swee Kheng Ng Author

Belt and Road Initiative

On China's Belt and Road Initiative (Series)

Xinchun Rong Author
Xia Xia Translator

Risk Factors and Contagion In...

Stephane Goutte Editor
Khaled Guesmi Editor

Mergers & Acquisitions

Harvey A Poniachek Editor

Market Microstructure In...

Charles-Albert Lehalle Author
Sophie Laruelle Author


Tai Wei Lim Author
Carol Hok Ka Ma Editor

The Numerical Solution of the...

Carl Chiarella Author
Boda Kang Author

Qualitative Methodologies and...

New Teaching Resources For Management In a Globalised World (Series)

Edward Groenland Author
Leo-paul Dana Author

The Value of Uncertainty

George J Kaye Author

Singapore's Real Estate

World Scientific On Singapore's 50 Years of Nation-building (Series)

Tien Foo Sing Editor
Shi Ming Yu Editor

Technical Analysis and...

Raymond Hon-fu Chan Author
Alan Wing-keung Wong Author

Investing In the Modern Age

World Scientific In Finance (Series)

Rachel E S Ziemba Author
William T Ziemba Author

Concept and Application of...

Khairuddin Abdul Rashid Editor
Kiyoshi Kobayashi Editor

Eastern Management

Chungwai So Author
Dongshui Su Author