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Single-Use Technology in...

Regine Eibl Editor
Dieter Eibl Editor

Engineering Project Management

Neil G. Siegel Author

Reinforced Polymer Composites

Pramendra K. Bajpai Editor
Inderdeep Singh Editor

Flexible and Stretchable...

Mengdi Han Editor
Xiaosheng Zhang Editor

Quo Vadis Common Fisheries...

Ernesto Penas Lado Author

Essential Computational Fluid...

Oleg Zikanov Author

Vehicle Scanning Method for...

Yeong-bin Yang Author
Judy P. Yang Author

Digital Communication for...

IEEE on Digital & Mobile Communication (Series)

Feng Ouyang Author

Automatic Detection of Irony

Jihen Karoui Author
Farah Benamara Author

Bioprocessing for...

Gustavo Molina Editor
Vijai Kumar Gupta Editor

Aquaculture Engineering

Odd-Ivar Lekang Author

Risk Evaluation and Climate...

Panagiotis Kotronis Editor

Polymere--Chemie und Strukturen

Verdammt clever! (Series)

Peter F. W. Simon Author
Amir Fahmi Author

Advanced Functional Textiles...

Shahid Ul-Islam Editor
B. S. Butola Editor

Future Propulsion Systems and...

Aerospace (Series)

Saeed Farokhi Author

Unmanned Aircraft Design...

Aerospace (Series)

Mohammad H. Sadraey Author

Planning and Executing...

Robert J. Moffat Author
Roy W. Henk Author

Magnetic Field Measurement...

Wiley--IEEE (Series)

Qi Huang Author
Arsalan Habib Khawaja Author

Power System Control and...

IEEE Press on Power Engineering (Series)

Vijay Vittal Author
James D. McCalley Author

Earth Pressure

Achim Hettler Author
Karl-Eugen Kurrer Author

Engineered to Speak

IEEE PCS Professional Engineering Communication (Series)

Alexa S. Chilcutt Author
Adam J. Brooks Author

Operator's Guide to Process...

Robert X. Perez Author

Analysis, Modeling and...

Jean-Claude Trigeassou Author
Nezha Maamri Author

Automatisieren mit SIMATIC S7...

Hans Berger Author

An Introduction to Surface...

John F. Watts Author
John Wolstenholme Author

Soils of the Past

Gregory J. Retallack Author

Risk-Reduction Methods for...

Roger C. Jensen Author

Glass-Ceramic Technology

Wolfram Holand Author
George H. Beall Author


Kenji Murata Editor
Masato Kinoshita Editor

Thermomechanical Fatigue of...

Longbiao Li Author

Metalorganic Vapor Phase...

Wiley in Materials for Electronic & Optoelectronic Applications (Series)

Stuart Irvine Editor
Peter Capper Editor

Remanufacturing in the...

Nabil Nasr Editor

Introductory Electrical...

Magno Urbano Author

Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics

Robert D. Zucker Author
Oscar Biblarz Author

Introduction to Chemical...

Uche P. Nnaji Author

High Voltage Direct Current...

Dragan Jovcic Author

Risk Assessment

Lee T. Ostrom Author
Cheryl A. Wilhelmsen Author

Predictive Control

Yugeng Xi Author
Dewei Li Author

Materials Informatics

Olexandr Isayev Editor
Alexander Tropsha Editor

Die Bierbrauerei

Ludwig Narziß Author
Werner Back Author

Smith, Currie & Hancock's...

John M. Mastin Author
Eric L. Nelson Author

Reliability and Safety...

Quality and Reliability Engineering (Series)

Enrico Zio Author
Yan-fu Li Author

Fundamentals of Vehicle...

Automotive (Series)

Bruce P. Minaker Author

Design and Construction of...

Beton-Kalender (Series)

Josef Rötzer Author
Konrad Bergmeister Other

5G Physical Layer Technologies

Wiley--IEEE (Series)

Mosa Ali Abu-Rgheff Author

Statische Elektrizität

Günter Lüttgens Author
Wolfgang Schubert Author

Bioceramics and Biocomposites

Iulian Antoniac Editor

Liquid Silicone Rubber

Johannes Karl Fink Author