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Fundamentals of Network...

Ajay R. Mishra Author

Audio Source Separation and...

Emmanuel Vincent Editor
Tuomas Virtanen Editor

Transdisciplinary Engineering...

Atila Ertas Author


Patrick K. Jjemba Author

Memories for the Intelligent...

Betty Prince Author
David Prince Author

Turbulent Fluid Flow

Peter S. Bernard Author

Food Security and Climate Change

Shyam Singh Yadav Editor
Robert J. Redden Editor

Principles of Forensic...

Luca Fiorentini Author
Luca Marmo Author

Catalytic Chemical Vapor...

Hideki Matsumura Author
Hironobu Umemoto Author

High Performance Technical...

Roshan Paul Editor

Sex Control in Aquaculture

Hanping Wang Editor
Francesc Piferrer Editor

Metal Oxide Varistors

Jinliang He Author

Wind Effects on Structures

Emil Simiu Author
DongHun Yeo Author

Granular Geomaterials...

Etienne Frossard Author

Design of Piezo Inkjet Print...

J. Frits Dijksman Editor

Ferroelectric Materials for...

Haitao Huang Editor
James F. Scott Editor


Konrad Mertens Author

Handbook of 3D Integration,...

Paul D. Franzon Editor
Erik Jan Marinissen Editor

Elements of Molecular and...

Jean-Michel Savéant Author
Cyrille Costentin Author

Explosives Engineering

Paul W. Cooper Author

Recognizing and Responding to...

CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety) Author


Len Pannett Author

Handbook of Graphene, Volume 6

Barbara Palys Editor

Handbook of Graphene, Volume 8

Sulaiman Wadi Harun Editor

Handbook of Graphene, Volume 1

Edvige Celasco Editor
Alexander N. Chaika Editor

Simplified Robust Adaptive...

Ayman ElNashar Author

Advances in Embedded and...

Wiley--IEEE (Series)

Beth Keser Editor
Steffen Kroehnert Editor

Understanding Color Management

The Wiley-IS&T in Imaging Science and Technology (Series)

Abhay Sharma Author

Taschenbuch für den...

Taschenbuch Tunnelbau (Series)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geotechnik Author

The Wireless Internet of Things

Daniel Chew Author

Automatisieren mit SIMATIC S7...

Hans Berger Author

Temperature-Responsive Polymers

Vitaliy V. Khutoryanskiy Editor
Theoni K. Georgiou Editor

Variable Frequency...

Gesong Chen Author
Xiaoxin Zhou Author

Communication Systems...

John W. Leis Author

Smart Textiles

Nazire D. Yilmaz Editor

Chemical Process Design and...

Juma Haydary Author

Materials Science and...

Tayyab I. Suratwala Author

Designing Embedded Systems...

Perry Xiao Author

Dynamics and Control of...

Shiping Liu Author
Gang S. Chen Author

Food, Fermentation, and Micro...

Charles W. Bamforth Author
David J. Cook Author

Handbook of Vanilla Science...

Daphna Havkin-Frenkel Editor
Faith C. Belanger Editor

Highly Efficient OLEDs

Hartmut Yersin Editor

Halide Perovskites

Tze-chien Sum Editor
Nripan Mathews Editor

Structural Analysis 1

Salah Khalfallah Author

Empfehlungen des...

Geotechnik Editor

Food and Drink--Good...

Institute of Food Science and Technology Author
Louise Manning Author

History of Nanotechnology

Madhuri Sharon Editor

The Road to Quality Control

Nicholas Fisher Author
Yutaka Tanaka Author