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Artifictional Intelligence

Harry Collins Author

Applied Landscape Ecology

Francisco Castro Rego Author
Stephen C. Bunting Author

Introduction to Biological...

Kirsten Franklin Author
Paul Muir Author

Smart Cities, Smart Future

Mike Barlow Author
Cornelia Levy-Bencheton Author

Eigene Apps programmieren...

Für Dummies (Series)

Nadine Bergner Author
Thiemo Leonhardt Author

Innovation in China

China Today (Series)

Richard P. Appelbaum Author
Cong Cao Author


Why It Matters (Series)

Alexander B. Murphy Author

Petroleum Engineering

Geophysical Monograph (Series)

Moshood Sanni Author

Frontier Assemblages

Antipode Book (Series)

Jason Cons Editor
Michael Eilenberg Editor

An Introduction to the...

Sam Baron Author
Kristie Miller Author

Reliability Analysis for...

Wiley--IEEE (Series)

Robert Ross Author

The Wind Power Story

Brandon N. Owens Author

Genetic Ethics

Colin Farrelly Author

Should We Colonize Other...

New Human Frontiers (Series)

Adam Morton Author

Can Science Make Sense of Life?

New Human Frontiers (Series)

Sheila Jasanoff Author

Water Harvesting for...

Challenges in Water Management (Series)

Partha Sarathi Datta Author

Nuclear and Particle Physics

Brian R. Martin Author
Graham Shaw Author