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Helter Skelter

Vincent Bugliosi Author
Curt Gentry Author

Six Days in August

David King Author

The Last Job

Dan Bilefsky Author

Blood & Ivy

Paul Collins Author

A Spy Named Orphan

Roland Philipps Author

And the Sea Will Tell

Vincent Bugliosi Author

The True American

Anand Giridharadas Author

The Electrifying Fall of...

Margaret Creighton Author

Whitey Bulger

Kevin Cullen Author
Shelley Murphy Author

A Death in Belmont

Sebastian Junger Author


Vincent Bugliosi Author

Till Death Us Do Part

Vincent Bugliosi Author
Ken Hurwitz Author

Four Days in November

Vincent Bugliosi Author

Kitty Genovese

Kevin Cook Author

The Inheritor's Powder

Sandra Hempel Author


David Locke Hall Author

Parkland (Movie Tie-in Edition)

Movie Tie-in Editions (Series)

Vincent Bugliosi Author

Capital Offenses

Samuel W. Buell Author

Billy the Kid

Michael Wallis Author

The Butcher's Tale

Helmut Walser Smith Author

Sex Money Murder

Jonathan Green Author

Murder City

Michael Lesy Author

The Last Witch of Langenburg

Thomas Robisheaux Author

Blood Runs Coal

Mark A. Bradley Author

What Happened to Paula

Katherine Dykstra Author