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The Literariness of Media Art

Claudia Benthien Author
Jordis Lau Author

Pride Parades and LGBT Movements

Gender and Comparative Politics (Series)

Abby Peterson Author
Mattias Wahlström Author

Rethinking White Societies in...

Routledge Studies in the Modern History of Africa (Series)

Duncan Money Editor
Danelle van Zyl-Hermann Editor

Women's Lived Landscapes of...

Routledge Studies in the Modern History of Africa (Series)

Jonna Katto Author

Data Politics

Routledge Studies in International Political Sociology (Series)

Didier Bigo Editor
Engin Isin Editor

Ain't I a Woman

bell hooks Author

Making Sense of "Bad English"

Elizabeth Peterson Author

3D Motion Graphics for 2D...

Bill Byrne Author

500 Common Korean Idioms

Danielle O. Pyun Author

A Bibliography of Museum Studies

Simon J. Knell Editor

A Boal Companion

Jan Cohen-Cruz Editor
Mady Schutzman Editor

A Brief History of Rock, Off...

Wayne Robins Author

A Catalogue of Chaucer...

M.C. Seymour Author

A Chaos of Delight

Geoffrey Dobson Author

A Citizen's Guide to American...

Citizen Guides to Politics and Public Affairs (Series)

David Patrick Houghton Author

A Citizen's Guide to Deficits...

Citizen Guides to Politics and Public Affairs (Series)

William E. Hudson Author

A Citizen's Guide to U.S....

Citizen Guides to Politics and Public Affairs (Series)

Costas Panagopoulos Author
Aaron C. Weinschenk Author

A Cognitive...

Anne Whitworth Author
Janet Webster Author

A Companion to the Overseas...

Jackie Hulse Editor

A Consumer's Guide to Mental...

Jeffrey K. Edwards Author
Anthony W. Heath Author

A Corpus of Formal British...

Gerry Knowles Author
Lita Taylor Author

A Literary History of Persia

E.G. Browne Author

A Masterclass in Dramatic...

Janet Neipris Author
Janet Neipris Author

A Networked Self

Networked Self (Series)

Zizi Papacharissi Editor

A New Human

Mike Morwood Author
Penny van Oosterzee Author

A Perfect Union?

The Cultural Politics of Media and Popular Culture (Series)

Cory Albertson Author

A Philosophy of Song and Singing

Jeanette Bicknell Author

A Political Family

Routledge Studies in Radical History and Politics (Series)

John Green Author

A Practical Guide to Teaching...

Routledge Teaching Guides (Series)

Andrew Connell Author
Anthony Edwards Author

A Pragmatic Approach to...

Routledge Studies in Contemporary Philosophy (Series)

John Lemos Author

A Preface to H G Wells

Preface (Series)

John R. Hammond Author

A Preface to Milton

Preface (Series)

Lois Potter Author

A Preface to Shelley

Preface (Series)

Patricia Hodgart Author

(Re)Generating Inclusive Cities

Dan Zuberi Author
Ariel Judith Taylor Author

(Un)Stable Relations

Routledge Human-Animal Studies (Series)

Lynda Birke Author
Kirrilly Thompson Author


Joseph Gelfer Author

A History of Brazil

Joseph Smith Author

A History of British Surnames

Approaches to Local History (Series)

Richard McKinley Author

A History of England, Volume 2

Clayton Roberts Author
David F. Roberts Author

A History of Global Consumption

Ina Baghdiantz McCabe Author

A History of Manchester College

Routledge Library Editions: Education 1800-1926 (Series)

V. D. Davis Author

A History of Psychology

Robert B. Lawson Author
E. Doris Anderson Author

A History of Technoscience

History and Philosophy of Technoscience (Series)

David F. Channell Author

A History of the Habsburg...

Jean Berenger Author
C.A. Simpson Author

A History of Western Thought

Nils Gilje Author
Gunnar Skirbekk Author

A Guide to the Archives of...

Simon Fenwick Author

A Handbook of China's...

Shaun Breslin Editor

A Handbook of Soil...

Pavel Krasilnikov Editor
Juan-Jose Ibanez Marti Editor