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Acoustic Blues Guitar Styles

Larry Sandberg Author

It's My Life Now

Meg Kennedy Dugan, M.A. Author
Roger R. Hock, Ph.D. Author

Why Aren't We Saving the Planet?

Geoffrey Beattie Author

The Human Rights Reader

Micheline Ishay Editor

There is No Such Thing as a...

Chester Hartman Editor
Gregory D. Squires Editor

33 Ways to Help with Spelling

Thirty Three Ways to Help with.... (Series)

Heather Morris Author
Sue Smith Author

Content and Consciousness

Routledge Classics (Series)

Daniel C. Dennett Author

The Koreas

Charles Armstrong Author

Logical Database Design...

John Garmany Author
Jeff Walker Author

Quantum Computing Devices

Goong Chen Author
David A. Church Author

Accounting and Finance for...

Jae K. Shim Author

Credit Risk

Niklas Wagner Editor

Black Wealth / White Wealth

Melvin Oliver Author
Thomas Shapiro Author

Fairy Tales and the Art of...

Jack Zipes Author

Official (ISC)2 Guide to the...

Harold F. Tipton Editor
Kevin Henry Editor

Systemic Racism

Joe R. Feagin Author

Mobile Lives

International Library of Sociology (Series)

Anthony Elliott Author
John Urry Author

The Psychology of Advertising

Bob M. Fennis Author
Wolfgang Stroebe Author

Information Security...

Harold F. Tipton Author
Micki Krause Author

Server Management

Gilbert Held Editor


Shana Cohen Author
Larabi Jaidi Author

Grief After Suicide

in Death, Dying, and Bereavement (Series)

John R. Jordan Editor
John L. McIntosh Editor

How to be a Brilliant Mentor

Trevor Wright Editor

A Brief History of Cocaine

Steven B. Karch, MD, FFFLM Author

Software Engineering Handbook

Jessica Keyes Author

Artificial Intelligence with...

Deyi Li Author
Yi Du Author

Sustaining New Orleans

Barbara Eckstein Author

American Commodities in an...

Mona Domosh Author

Handbook of Fermented...

Edward R.(Ted) Farnworth Editor

Tea and Tea Products

Chi-Tang Ho Editor
Jen-Kun Lin Editor

Officer-Involved Shootings...

David E. Hatch Author
Randy Dickson Author

Making Room in Our Hearts

Micky Duxbury Author

Performance Management in the...

Routledge Masters in Public Management (Series)

Wouter Van Dooren Author
Geert Bouckaert Author

Emerging Demands for the...

Naosuke Itoigawa Editor
Babette Fahlbruch Editor


Susan J. Behrens Author


Deb Bennett-Woods Author

A Technical Guide to IPSec...

James S. Tiller Author

Information Security...

Harold F. Tipton Editor
Micki Krause Editor

Design Science Research...

Vijay K. Vaishnavi Author
William Kuechler Jr. Author

Information Structure in...

Routledge Arabic Linguistics (Series)

Jonathan Owens Editor
Alaa Elgibali Editor

What Every Engineer Should...

Kim R. Fowler Author

Automated Data Analysis Using...

Brian D. Bissett Author

Securing and Controlling...

Peter T. Davis Author

Malicious Bots

Ken Dunham Author
Jim Melnick Author

Improving Mathematics at Work

Improving Learning (Series)

Celia Hoyles Author
Richard Noss Author

101 Investment Tools for...

Jae K. Shim Author
Jonathan Lansner Author

Family Identity

Vittorio Cigoli Author
Eugenia Scabini Author

The Systems Thinking Approach...

Stephen Haines Author